"I'm on Vacation!"


Maui Subset from the lanai

There is nothing like being on vacation. I’m on vacation and loving it! As a counselor my eight week summer vacation is unpaid which makes for some careful planning if I actually want to do anything special or go anywhere, so for the past fifteen years or so I’ve tried to set aside a portion of my ten month salary to not only cover my regular monthly expenses during the summer, but to do some vacationing as well. Believe me, some summers have been better than others.


A vacation is a particular period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation. Most working people earn vacation time and unlike teachers or counselors, are paid for their time off. The more years they have on the job, the more time off they get off. How a person spends their time off is completely up to them, but not teachers. Because of our long vacation period many teachers are forced to work summer school or take part-time jobs during their summers off to make ends meet. A teacher I work with paints houses all summer to stay on top of things. Another has a part-time sales job. For the first seven years that I taught I had a part-time job working for a flower shop. We do what we have to. Yeah I’ve been pretty fortunate these past fifteen years. I’ve been able to enjoy my time off, at least most of it anyway.

Much of my summers are spent playing catch up with neglected yard work and other projects that need to be done around the house. There are several times a summer when I’m sweating away in the backyard on some project and would much rather be kicking back in front of the tube, on my laptop, at the movies or simply playing my guitar. And if my wife hassled me for being lazy which she definitely would, I’d  simply say to her “Hey! I’m on vacation!” Like that would work!  No, it actually feels pretty good getting things accomplished around the house. Besides, somebody has to do it.

We do try to get away for a week or two each summer if we can. Since my wife’s battle with cancer in late 2004 and most of 2005 our outlook on life has completely changed  as have our priorities. We’ve come to realize that time is fleeting and we have to get the most out of life while we’re able. We can’t get hung up on the little bullshit things. There are more important things to contend with. There are family and friends to spend time with, things to see and places to go. This summer it’s Sedona for a week, Last summer it was Carlsbad. The year before that it was Sedona and a  seven day Mexican Riviera cruise. (Thank God for timeshare ownership or we may not have been able to pull that one off!) In November we plan on going away for several days to celebrate our 38th anniversary.

I’m not sure where we’re going next year. I’d love to do Hawaii but unless I can find an available timeshare on Maui that I can trade for, that’s highly unlikely.Yeah, I’d certainly love to stroll the streets of Lahaina on a sunny afternoon, or sip a Mai Tai  on the lanai, watching a magnificent Maui sunset. That my friends, would be the best. Well all one can do is hope because  If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, anything’s possible!  It could happen.  Life’s funny that way. Now “leave me alone! I’m on vacation!

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