I'm Sick of Being Sick!"

I’m sure most of you would agree, there is nothing worse than being sick. I hate being sick! Last Thursday evening I began experiencing that ‘achy all over’ feeling associated with the flu. By 9pm not only were my muscles and joints sore, but I was beginning to feel pressure around my eyes as well,  so I took a couple of aspirin and decided to go to bed. I was kinda hoping a good nights sleep might do the trick, but deep down I knew it wouldn’t. You know when you’ve got the bug or should I say the bugs got you, there’s no denying it. Sure enough I didn’t sleep well at all and woke up Friday morning with a horrible headache. I had left a couple of aspirin on the nightstand just in case so I took them, texted work to let them know I was going to be at least an hour late then went back to bed. I figured an hour more would at least rid me of the head pain. Wrong!

When I re-awoke an hour later my head was still pounding, my body ached like hell and the back of my neck was bathed in sweat. I forced myself to crawl out of bed to use the bathroom and when I saw my reflection in the mirror I knew I was doomed. I looked like one of the cast from ‘True Blood’, my skin was deathly pale and my eyes were a hang over, blood shot red. I remember standing there thinking that I’d rather be dealing with a hang over than the flu when the chills set in. I began shivering so badly I could barely stand it. They were God-awful!

I hauled ass back to bed so damned fast and brought the covers right up under my chin trying in vain to get warm. Well we both know that wasn’t going to happen quickly. The chills were gonna run their course and that was that. All I could do is hang on! Isn’t it funny though, we’re feeling so miserable and achy that we’re moving like we’re 95 year old, but when those chills hit, their intensity seems to override the aches and pain and for just a few moments our bodies are reinvigorated and we’re able to move like children. Yeah we can’t get undercover fast enough. When the shivers finally subsided I let work know I wouldn’t be in. I’m sure there were those who though I was just taking a little ‘pre winter break, fun day,’ but I assure you, no part of my day or weekend was what anyone would call fun.

Well the flu owned me for three solid days, destroying all my plans for the weekend. Yeah three days of chills, fever, aches, pains and a minor upset stomach. I think the headache was the worst. I’m not sure how to describe it really. It made my head feel strange. I had  pressure around my eyes and a sort of short circuity feeling, like the synapse up there were transmitting the signal out of sync. You know, like those movies where the voice track doesn’t match up to the actors mouths, they’re just a bit off. Anyway, it sucked! I had no desire to be on my laptop, could barely tolerate TV and reading was out of the question. All I could do sleep or just lay there feeling miserable.

And I got the flu shot! Can you believe that? Second year I’ve had it and I still got the damn flu! But then I’ve heard some real horror stories about people who have had a much worse time with the flu than what I did. In addition to what I went through they had bouts of major vomiting and/or diarrhea! My wife says I was lucky I got the shot and how much worse it might have been. Damn! She’s right, again. I was lucky, I only had a mildly upset stomach and minor nausea. Maybe that damn shot did help? I suppose I should get it again next year. probably will.   Stay healthy.

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