It's Resolution Time Again!

With 2011 just around the corner I’m sure many of you are diligently contemplating the all important resolutions you will make for the coming new year. Yes, like it or not, it’s that time again, the time to make those all important promises to ourselves that will improve our lives forever and make us better human beings. What commitment are you considering for this new year? What bad habits will you promise to give up? What character flaw will you seek to improve? What lifestyle change will you try to make?  Do you want to lose weight, exercise more, drink less, manage your time better, get out of debt, improve your health, wealth or job status, save money, reduce stress, be kinder, volunteer more, the list goes on and on.Remember a New Year’s resolution is a commitment, to self-improvement , you must be truly dedicated to achieve a positive outcome. Did you know that only about 8% of those who make resolutions successfully fulfill them. A whopping 92% fail!  That’s a hell of a lot of broken promises! So, what can you do to help keep  your resolutions this time around?  What’s the resolution solution?                                                                                 Believe me, I’m no expert. I’ve had my fair share of failed resolutions. The biggest being my yearly promise to write more often.  Every year for the past twenty years or so I’ve made this resolution and every year I fail. I’m hoping that maybe this year, by committing to this blog, I might actually fulfill my resolution, we’ll see. I made my most successful resolution back in 1988 when I resolved to quit smoking. Even then I was so concerned with failing that I actually stopped smoking on December 28th just to try and trick my mind into believing that it wasn’t a New Year’s resolution. It must have worked. Today is my 22nd anniversary of being smoke free!

Like I said I’m no expert but if you’re planning on making some resolutions for 2011 let me tell you what I do.  I begin my resolution wish list by rummaging through last years failed resolutions and deciding which ones are worth another shot, and write them down. I then take some time to ponder worthwhile new ones and add them to my list. After carefully considering my list I prioritize and choose my top three resolutions for the new year. Why only three?  Because the odds of keeping three are much better. Some years I go with only one or two resolutions. It all depends on how tough I think they’ll be to keep. So, if you’ve got some resolutions in mind, sit down, make your list, check it twice and commit, commit, commit!

Good luck to you.

You’ll need it!


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