"Just Another Sunday: Don't I Wish!"

It was supposed to be just another Sunday in San Dimas, a little R&R, a little football and barbecue ribs in the evening. Yeah, it really sounded like the makings of a great day. We’ve been pretty busy the last several days and some quiet time was overdue. Besides Saturday had been a long day and we’d gotten home late from the wine country wedding.

Originally the plan was to stay the night in Temecula, then spend Sunday visiting some wineries and doing a little wine tasting, perhaps get together with my cousin to watch a football game or something. But as we all know plans have a way of changing. When we learned that our granddaughter was scheduled to sing with the children’s choir at the 10 o’clock mass Sunday and really wanted us there, we decided to come home instead.

Since we didn’t have to get up for 8 o’clock mass we got to sleep in awhile then about 9:50 we made our way to church. My son and his girlfriend joined us. The choir sang beautifully. My granddaughter did an awesome job! No solo’s yet, but I’m sure they’re coming! After mass there was talk of going to breakfast. I wasn’t really hungry so I chose to go home instead, where I changed clothes, fixed a cup of coffee and plopped down in my favorite chair (not a recliner) for a little football! It was nice! The rest of the family got home around 1 pm and were doing their own things, so things in the family room remained peaceful, for awhile longer.

Just before 2pm all hell broke loose. The phone rang and my wife answered it in the bedroom. A minute later she was out the backdoor shouting out simply “It was Janene! Something happened!” Well I knew that Janene was up cleaning my dad’s house and really didn’t think too much of it neither did my son. “Something happened” could have meant anything. I actually thought something related to her cleaning had occurred, maybe she’d broken something or knocked something over while she was cleaning, my son thought the same thing. Boy were we wrong!

A few minutes after 2pm my wife called back to tell us that my dad had passed out for several minutes. He had regained consciousness and was being checked out by paramedics. As I was getting ready to head to my dad’s (he lives less than two minutes away) she called back to say they were taking  him by ambulance to the hospital.

Having her papa keel over on her was quite a harrowing experience for my daughter. She’s had a very distressing couple of weeks and really didn’t need the added stress. Thankfully he was sitting on his bed talking to her when he passed out and fell back onto the bed. Although my daughter thought the worst, she confronted her fears, and handled the situation admirably.

I tell you I firmly believe that things happen for a reason. Had she not been there to do the cleaning, my dad would have been in the shower, that’s where he was headed when she arrived. I can’t begin to imagine how much worse things could have been if he’d gone down while bathing. Strange thing is, she never goes to clean on Sundays. This was the first time and exactly the right time.

my dad

I got in to see my dad in the emergency room at around 2:20. He looked way better than I expected. Both my wife and daughter had told me he’d been extremely pale but his color was good and all things considered he was in pretty good spirits. While I was sitting with him the ER doctor came in and asked me about the incident. I called my daughter in and she gave him a run down of what had happened. Later the doctor told us that my dad’s vitals were good but he would be staying the night as a precaution. He also rattled off a number of tests he was ordering including an EKG, CT scan of his head and ultrasounds of his heart and carotid artery.

I tell you, the waiting is the hardest part. They didn’t have a room ready for him until after 7:00pm and he didn’t get settled in until nearly 8:30! But at least he’s in good hands. We’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

Sweet Dreams Pops!









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