"Life is Short and Time is Fleeting"

If you aren’t already prepared to die, you’re a fool (Ecclesiastes 3:19; 9:4-5)

“It was a night like nothing that we chanced to see before.                                                Rolling thunder and lightning flashing in my eyes…”  JS 


untitledIt’s been a week since that violent lightning storm hit Venice Beach. That storm was like nothing I’d ever seen! It just seemed to come out of nowhere! One minute beachgoers were having the time of there lives in the summer sun and the next they were running for their lives! I tell you, watching the news footage of the storm was like watching computer generated special effects in a frickin’ movie! Unreal! Life imitating Art.

And what about that unfortunate 20 year old young man who was killed by the lightning strike, unbelievable right? One minute he’s in the water cooling off with friends on a hot summer afternoon and a few moments later Bam! He’s dead!  Just like that a good man with a very promising future is gone! A case of wrong place, wrong time or was it simply his time to move on?

I’ve long been a believer in the “when its your time its your time” principle which simply means that when your number comes up and it’s time for you to check out, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it. You can’t run, you can’t hide “When God wants you dead, you’ll die.” (Kings 22:34)  And that my friends is a fact. It was simply that young mans time to go.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about predestination or anything like that. I don’t believe that our lives are predetermined and that each and every move we make throughout our lives is laid out in God’s great Book of Life. Our every move isn’t planned or scheduled. I truly don’t believe that’s part of God’s plan. I mean what purpose would it serve to go through life preprogrammed? It would be pointless. No, I believe that each of us has a God given free will and as we journey through our lives we make choices that alter our journey, sometimes for the better, sometimes for worse. Yep everything in that so called Book of Life is subject to change by the choices and decisions we make. Everything except death.

I believe that the date and time of our death is the one and only thing in the Book of Life that is truly etched in stone and can’t be altered. I’ve read where some people who adhere to this theory even believe that the manner in which we meet our deaths may be subject to change, but alas our final moment never will. We were all born to die and so we shall. Like I said “when its our time its our time.” 

One has to wonder about what purpose our lives really serve. Are we alive merely for our own gratification, to “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die?” Or are we here for some higher purpose like serving God maybe? In either case we are each given a finite amount of time reach our potential and fulfill our purpose. I believe that our purpose is to live a quality, useful and meaningful lives. Perhaps living a short but meaningful life of purpose like the young man killed in Venice Beach is far better than living a long, wasted purposeless life.

Living a meaningless life is a tragedy. I believe that we should all strive to make our lives as meaningful and worthwhile as possibly regardless of whether or not our lives serve some higher purpose. There is no secret to living a meaningful life, the motivation is different for everyone. I think that focusing our energies on goals and desires which we know we can fulfill rather than all those “pie in the sky” pipedreams that we often get hung up on. It would definitely be a great place to start. And the perfect time to get started is yesterday! Remember “Life is short and time is fleeting.”

Just a thought…

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