"Memories of Mom on Mother's Day"

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. A day devoted to honoring the most important person in your life, the loving mother who gave you life. The person who carried you for nine months and in a labor of love, delivered you into this world, nurtured and cared for you, always putting your needs ahead of her own, wanting only the very best for you always.

Sadly not all of us are able to lavish our mother’s with love on this Mother’s Day. As much as we would love to spend the day with our mothers talking, laughing and enjoy their company. We cannot, for they are no longer with us. They have passed from our lives and now revel in the beauty of eternal life.

I lost my mother nearly twenty six years ago and although that is a long time, I can honestly tell you, I think about her every single day. She is still very much alive in my memories, thoughts and actions. When I was still working I would use my mom in examples when talking to students or conducting parent conferences. She influenced my life in so many ways, now she is helping to influence more lives through me. She is the reason I am who I am today. I miss her profoundly.

College Graduation!

I love you mom. Sorry I was so bull headed, but I was young and thought I knew it all. Fact is I didn’t know squat. God I had so much to learn!  How you put up with me I’ll never know. You were so right when you use to tell me ” I had it in me to be successful.” I just had to discover it for myself.  I thank God you were around long enough to see me turn my life around and finish college. I’m so grateful that you were able to see my success as a teacher, without you it wouldn’t have been possible. Thanks for everything mom.

Love you.  Miss you…

Mom’s last birthday 9/13/1991. two months before she passed away.

Nana and Alan

Mom, Shelby, Arlene & baby Janene 1975

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