New Year's Celebration: To Party or Not

Did you know that New Year’s is our oldest holiday? Mankind has been celebrating the new year for about 4000 years. Some ancient cultures actually celebrated for up to eleven days! I guess we really do come from a long line of party animals.

With 2011 just days away, are you ready to welcome in the new year?  Have you made all your plans for the big New Year’s Eve celebration? Will you be going out to a party, dance, concert or some other gala event? Maybe you’re having your own New Year’s Eve bash or spending the evening braving the elements in Pasadena, securing prime-view real estate, for Saturday’s Rose Parade.  And will your New Year’s Day begin on the couch or recliner watching the Rose Parade, nursing a hard earned hang-over, followed by an afternoon of football parties?

January 1st is a big day for college football. Let’s see there’s the Outback Bowl, Capital One Bowl, Progressive Gator Bowl, Rose Bowl, Tostito’s Fiesta Bowl, and the Ticket City Bowl . Not that long ago January 1st wasn’t just a big day for college football, it was the biggest day! It was the day the we all learned who the number one team was. Now the #1 and #2 teams don’t play until January 10th. What’s up with that?  Thanks to the whole BCS, BS,  the college ranking system is all screwed up. I think it’s time to take a serious look at college playoffs. The top two teams should meet in the granddaddy of all bowls, the Rose Bowl on the 1st of January. Now that would be more in keeping with tradition, but this whole BCS football thing is a story for another time, lets get back to New Years.

So, what are your plans? Are you going out New year’s Eve? Come midnight will you be wearing your party hat and tooting your horn? Will you be one of those drunken revelers singing  “Auld Lang Syne?” Well, Will you?  To party or not to party?  that is the question.  Choose wisely.                                                                                                                                For me the question has been answered. No partying this year. Right now we plan on going out to dinner with friends, having a drink or two, then heading home to herald in the new year quietly, just the wife and I, watching a good movie in front of the fireplace or we could go by our daughters for some Bunco fun. Right now I’m leaning towards the home scene, Bunco isn’t my idea of a good time. Either way,No frills, no thrills, no spills. Nice….

There was a time when we lived to party on New Year’s Eve, there were dances, drinking, parties, drinking ,Las Vegas, drinking, drinking and more drinking! I never met a beer I didn’t like (except maybe a hefeweizen)  Ahh, the good old days. But things change, mostly for the better, guess it comes with age.

So what will you be doing this New Year’s Eve?  Whatever you decide to do, have fun, use your head and take care.

Be safe…


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