"No More Famous Amos"

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have." - Thomas Jefferson

As if the rising price of gasoline isn’t a big enough cross to bear, have you been shopping lately? The price of groceries are going through the roof!  On Tuesday I stopped by Sam’s to gas up the van. After dropping a quick fifty bucks in the tank I decided to go in and check to see if they carried a few items that my dad had asked about. On one of the main aisles I came across a display of one of my guilty pleasures, Famous Amos Chocolate chip Cookies! I couldn’t believe the price, $9.79 a box! I remembered coming in and buying a box back in the summer and the price was definitely under $8.00! Nearly a $2.00 increase! I remember my wife telling me that prices were going up, but this was ridiculous! Just a few days earlier, I had her to pick up a box the next time she was at Sam’s and she had. If I’d known they had gone up that much I would never have asked. Later, when I got home I told my wife not to be buying Famous Amos any longer. at ten bucks a box it is one guilty pleasure I willing to do without.

My curiosity aroused I decided to check the price on a few other items. I started with Gillette razor cartridges 16 pack, $42.00, up over $2 from last summer! From there I checked on Pantene Shampoo. I was glad to see it was only up a few cents, but Head &Shoulders was nearly $10! Aquafina bottled water had actually dropped in price, cereal had only modestly increased and Coke had increased by about $1. a case. I left the store wondering how the average consumer was going to make it if prices kept rising at their current pace.

Something has to be done. The situation is not getting any better. The promised economic recovery is not happening folks especially here in California. The growth that has taken place, though minimal, is being sabotaged by high gas prices and rising prices on consumer goods. Unemployment is still at an all time high and those receiving benefits are nearing the end of that ride.  Job security is a distant memory, and those people with somewhat secure jobs are being asked to take pay cuts and reduced benefits. It isn’t pretty.

Then there is our national debt which is spiraling out of control and is currently at over nine trillion dollars and growing! I can’t begin to imagine what daily interest is on nine trillion dollars! Everyday that the economy falters we are that much closer to deeper cuts and higher taxes. There are no easy answers, there is no quick fix.  It is truly the end of the economic world as we know it.






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