"Obama: Mad as Hell or Just More Political Rhetoric?

Obama_liar2Is it just me or was anyone else bothered by Obama’s recent “I’m mad as hell” reaction to the Veterans Administration scandal? Was he really angry or was it just a little political grandstanding? If you ask me I actually think it was a case of some very poor over-acting?

Come on, if the president was really “mad as hell” about the Veterans Administration’s piss poor treatment of our vets as he recently claimed, then I’m “madder than hell” that he didn’t have that “mad as hell” reaction back in 2008 when the White House transition team first made him aware of the severity of the V.A. patient wait situation. Even then the V.A. was reported to be a mismanaged, disorganized mess! The team also told Obama he should not trust performance data issued by the Veteran Health Administration declaring it unreliable and that the care of deserving veterans was being delayed and potentially denied by the V.A.

Okay, so now six years later the O-man is mad as hell. I’d say that was too little, too late. Why the hell didn’t Obama come out of the starting gate and make our Vets a top priority? He knew that the V.A.’s problems had been going for some time at least through the Bush years yet he chose to do nothing to try to remedy the situation and simply continued to fund the mismanaged V.A. who has spent millions under the Obama Administration. Unfortunately most of that money has gone to updating and improving administrative offices while our Veterans wait and wait some more for the care they deserve.

And what’s Obama really pissed about anyway? It can’t be the fact that our Vets are dying while waiting for the healthcare they deserve or the lack of prudent leadership in the V.A., hell, like I said, he knew about this situation six years ago. But then he knows that he’s got to put on a good show for the American people. Perhaps the real reason he’s obama-scandalspissed off is because he made a very stupid decision six years ago and now it’s come back to kick him in the ass! Yeah I guess I’d be angry too. So until someone accepts responsibility for the this new scandal Obama will feign disgust and anger that this is occurring in his administration. I’m sure someone’s head will roll soon for his blunder and I can guarantee you it won’t be his.

I’ve always had respect for Obama, and have long been one of his faithful, he is after all our president. But since the news of this V.A. scandal broke I’m not so sure I can ever have that same level of respect for the O-man ever again. His decision to sit on the information he was given about the V.A. back in 2008, was not what I would call an executive decision. Can you imagine how different his first four years might have been if he had chosen to come out of the gate running, make the Vets a top priority and charge full steam into the V.A. issue? What an incredibly bright political move that would have been! Instead his lame decision will result in a shitload of political backlash. Well deserved fallout if you ask me. I hope Obama can man up and take responsibility for this fiasco, directly addresses this issue and move quickly to improve conditions including wait time and provide proper healthcare for all of our Vets. They deserve the best treatment possible. They’ve earned it.

As for Obama, well shame on him! The O-Man’s got no one to blame for this scandal but himself. No matter what type of damage control he employs or how he tries to spin the V.A. scandal story it will always come back to the fact that he knew about this situation since before he actually took the oath of office and did nothing! Our Vets just weren’t a big enough priority to begin his presidency with. I thought we were supposed to be “a government of the people, by the people, for the people” not a government of, by and for the government! Come on Obama do you really care about our Vets? Apparently not enough. What an absolute bonehead!

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  1. Paul McCully says:

    John I love you honesty and open mindedness, you and I may disagree sometimes but you are always willing to stand back and observe things because truth is what’s more important to you than ideology.
    Some people want the govt to take over healthcare, look how they handle the vets, its a disaster. Obama said he was mad about the lousy roll out of Obamacare. He said he was mad about the Bengazi disaster. He said he was mad about the IRS targeting the tea party groups if true, and it was the person in charge is pleading the 5th, really? He said he was mad about the mishap with fast and furious. He said he was mad about the vets, and then after expressing his feelings on all these issues he says he would get to the bottom of it, yet not one person has ever been fired, not one! A few resigned maybe 2 but then they end up with another govt. job, and nothing is really fixed. Oh yea and what about the NSA spying what happened is that fixed?

    I didn’t care for President Bush but the press never gave him a pass, how about how they tore into him when gas was 2.50 a gallon?. When Obama ran for president they put him on some kind of pedestal. Now their knee deep in it and are afraid to face facts. Obama was marketed as a cool guy he would go on all the tv shows playing cool (still does). People bought into that rather then studying his points of few background and experience. Obama talks a good game, that’s all he’s good at.
    Is the economy really doing good? Twice as many people are on food assistance and millions have dropped out of the workforce which gives the unemployment numbers a false reading. How about that 17 trillion debt? Is Obamacare really doing good? Is our foreign policy really doing good? In the debate with Mitt Romney Obama made fun of him when Romney said Russia is one of our geopolitical foes. We know Russia supports Iran and yea how’s the Ukraine doing. Like I have said before “the emperor has no clothes”. I think more and more people are beginning to notice.

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