"Obamacare Woes!"

images (5)Can it be true? Were the Republicans and Tea Partiers actually right? Has President Obama been giving us the business on the Affordable Healthcare Act? Has the president and his motley crew been feeding us meaningless, political rhetoric? Has Obama been making empty promises and basically doing and saying whatever it takes to secure the implementation of Obamacare and guarantee his place in history? Has he knowingly been lying to us or is he so full of himself that he truly believes his own bullshit?

At this point in time it appears that Republicans, Tea Partiers and other Obamacare naysayers were right on the money. Obamacare is in trouble and maybe just maybe it’s implementation should have been delayed until some of the bugs were worked out. From the on-going problems with it’s national website to the mounting questions and concerns of millions of Americans, Obamacare is quickly becoming a frightening nightmare instead the all encompassing answer to health insurance promised to us by the president.  

Since its inception back in 2009 Obama has hyped this health program as the grand panacea for what ails America. On the surface it appeared to be just that, an affordable healthcare plan that guarantees healthcare coverage to all Americans. The president pushed a plan where co-pays would be a thing of the past, where a person cannot be charged more or excluded from coverage for having a pre-existing condition, and  a plan that allows you to keep your present doctor and/or your current healthcare plan if you so desired. It all sounded so good and endorsed by our president to boot, it sounded too good to be true. In a hype speech to the American Medical Association back in 2009 Obama stated, “No matter how we reform healthcare we will keep this promise to the American people.” If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your healthcare plan, you’ll be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” 

Well that was then. Right now it looks like the O man didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about or perhaps he did. It now appears he may have been aware of a number of potential Obamacare problems including policy cancellations and rate increases as long as three years ago, yet continued to push the plan. So why did he continue to sell the American people a flawed bill of goods? Why did he continue to tell people that they could keep their current insurance plans if they liked them when he knew that more than 60% would not be able to? Why continue saying that the middle class would not shoulder the brunt of the financial responsibility? Why indeed?

The president choose to go on making promises that he knew could not be kept. Did he truly believed the problems could be ironed out before the October 1, roll out date or did he simply chose to lie to the American people? Now the lies have caught up to him as hundreds of thousands of Americans are now learning that their individual plans do not  meet the minimum requirement for Obamacare and are being cancelled and must now get new, more expensive policies. In time as more Obamacare mandates kick that number is expected to grow into the tens of millions! Wonderful!

Oh and it’s not going to get any better anytime soon. Right now the brunt of media attention and criticism is focusing on the high number of glitches on the Obamacare website and enrollment snags, but that’s only for starters. Soon the main focus will be the hefty price increases that many Americans will be forced to face and believe me the increases will be substantial.  You can’t overhaul the nation’s healthcare system without someone bearing the brunt of the high costs of covering the sick and poor individuals who Obamacare is designed to help insure, and that someone is the middle-class.  A move that is sure to corrode public support for Obamacare.

The recent government shutdown may have cast a long shadow on the Republican Party but it’s nothing compared to the mortification and bleakness that will soon rain down on president Obama and the Democratic Party as a result of Obamacare. Already top administration officials are issuing apologies for Obamacare’s shortcomings particularly the website problems and promise a quick fix. Even so many democrats on the hill are beginning to agree with Republicans and are calling for a one year delay in the implementation of the plan. I’m sure these Dems have read the handwriting on the wall and are simply trying to ward off some of the repercussions that will be coming their way soon enough. images (3)Meanwhile President Obama continues to promise on national TV nonetheless, that in spite of reports to the contrary, 80% of Americans will indeed be able to keep their current plans.  Okay, I don’t think so,  I don’t give much credence to presidential promises.

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