"Obama's New Mega-Bus a Bust!"


Batman’s got the Batmobile, Wonder Woman had her invisible plane, the Silver Surfer’s got his surfboard, the Popes got his Popemobile or as it’s known in Italy the Papamobile and several presidents had their favorite touring vehicles. Theodore Roosevelt had a Stanley Steamer, Woodrow Wilson a Cadillac and FDR had the first specially built presidential vehicle a Lincoln V-12 convertible that he calleadd the “Sunshine Special”  The limousine was originally equipped with running lights, a 2-way radio and extra-wide running boards, and grab handles for secret service agents. And many of us remember President Kennedy’s assassination vehicle, the custom built Lincoln Continental convertible, known as the SS-100-X which came with a Plexiglas bubble top in case of inclement weather and the Bushes preferred the Cadillac.

Yes, all of the presidents have had their touring vehicles, in fact since 2001 they also have suburbans as part of their fleet. So why the big stink over President Obama’s choice of taking the bus as he travels around the country. Most presidents prefer to travel by air aboard Airforce One or by helicopter, but Obama’s choice of a bus is quite in keeping with the times. Many celebrities choose to tour by bus rather than fly from city to city. Of course their buses are not of the Greyhound variety, but beautifully built customized houses on wheels of the type any celeb would be happy to travel in, and isn’t the president, after all a celebrity of sorts? You bet he is and don’t you forget it!

"The Obamamobile" Mega-Bus One

So now the $1.1 million “Obamamobile” has joined the presidential fleet and is raising quite a stir. It these times of economic peril Republicans are not only upset about the high cost of the bus, but also because it was built in neighboring Canada instead of the good old USA! What was the president thinking? Hitting the campaign trail in a Canadian bus, isn’t going to make out of work Americans happy. What a doofus! Touring America to talk about jobs in an overpriced  “big black hearse mobile of doom” isn’t going to win him any support.

Of course it wasn’t the president’s fault. It was the secret service who decided to order custom made buses (there are two) and because of security and weight support issues, the Canadian made model was the only one that could do the job. So what I guess they’re saying is that Americans don’t know how to build superior buses, but Canadians do! Go figure. The SS wanted quality for the president. He deserves the best.

Besides, he isn’t the first president to use a custom bus. They have been used by the SS for presidential travel since at least 1980 when they provided one for President Reagan. President GW Bush also used a custom bus built by the same Canadian company back in 2004. And what you may ask is the second million dollar bus for? Is it merely a back-up in case Mega-Bus One is in the shop? No, far from it. The other bus is part of the bipartisan ideology so prevalent in Washington these days. (Yeah right)   Should the Republican presidential nominee in 2012 want to hit the road, he or she will be able to campaign in one of the new buses as well! How cool is that? The SS is simply looking out for the welfare of both parties.

So as fallout from the great bus debacle of 2011 continues, we are left to wonder what else can possibly go wrong in the wonderful world of big government. Will our current economic slump get worse? Will it get better? Will the sky fall for all Americans? Will Wall street pull the rug out from under our already slipping and sliding feet? Will Obama come up with some last minute fix that guarantees him a second term? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the Mega-Bus one coming soon to a city near you.

Buses, limo’s, Suburbans, what’s next a Mega Motor home? I have to wonder what will happen when we elect our first ever Harley Davidson riding president. I mean why not? Harley’s were built for touring. Can you imagine? What would the Secret Service do to accommodate the president elect? I can see it now, a leathered out President and First Lady arrive in town on their custom built Shovelhead, wearing their specially designed bulletproof flack jackets and helmets emblazoned with the presidential seal,  accompanied by a team of specially trained secret service agents, riding black cruisers, their black ties flapping in the wind, “Born to be Wild” blaring from the custom address system mounted to the lead cycle. Now that would really be something! Until then we’ve got Obama’s bus!

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