Odds & Ends


Started out just like any other day
big city life gets under way.
Everyone rushing to get where they’re going,
if only there’d been some way of knowing
what was about to go down…..

New York City skyline – twin towers stand tall,
Like two regal giants protecting us all.
Symbolize prosperity, America at her best.
In a matter of moments
we were put to the test…

8:46 am – the wheel of misfortune spins,
flight 11 out of Boston slams into one of the twins.
Confusion, terror, disbelief,
tons of debris raining down on the streets.
Screaming sirens in the distance, help on the way
How could we know it was too little, too late…..

Seventeen minutes later
the nightmare begins all over again
Another 767 appears overhead.
And as we watch in abject horror
Flight 175 hits the remaining tower.
Deathly destruction, fire in the sky
A nation full of mourners can only ask why
Both sleeping giants fell from the sky.
American Dream became a nightmare… JS

 A Day in the Life  9/72
It all began in 1970,
my country shipped me off to war.
Eighteen months in Vietnam,
found out what my veins was for boy. (just what my veins was for)

Everyday the world got farther away,
soon my past was just a dream.
Found just the thing to curb my memories,
hell, I couldn’t remember a thing boy,
I couldn’t remember a thing.

A day in the life of a man doing all he can to survive,
fighting just to stay alive…..
Got a right to survive,
a right to survive
I got living in mind
got living in mind.

Freedom bird flew me home none to soon,
but the worse was yet to come.
Hail the conquering hero –
the boys are back from Nam (oh the boys are back from Nam.)

Wasn’t long before the glory was gone
enter the world of the vet.
Nightmare land of broken promises
and far too many regrets.
Enter the world of the vet,
the living hell of the vet

A day in the life of a man
doing all he can to survive,
fighting just to stay alive…..
Got a right to survive,
a right to survive,
I got living in mind,
got living in mind…


“Drifting down the river of time,
don’t let it pass you by my friend.
Drifting down a rushing river,
enjoy it while you can,
enjoy it while you can…”


Reflections of the Life 6/73
Reflections of the Life I’ve left behind
Those memories everlasting on my mind
Seems sort of funny,
but time has been quite kind to me…
On my life Long Journey
To my Home…

The years have come and gone
I’ve been on the Road.
Everywhere I travel is my new home.
Time passes much to quickly
can’t see all there is to see –
On my life Long Journey
To my Home…

Not carrying anything with me
just my guitar.
Singing songs of the road,
you know they’ve carried me far.
I’ve met a lot of people
and spent a lot of time with them…
On my life-long journey
to my home.

Those times when I’m lonely
sing my song to the trees.
It’s a strange sort of feeling
to know I got all I need.
Thank you Lord Jesus
for providing for me,
for me…
On my life-long journey  to my home
To my home
To my home…


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