"Odds n' Ends" 1/2012

“The High Cost of Health Care!”

Did you hear about the poor guy who went into the local hospital emergency room last week suffering from pneumonia? He was successfully treated and later released. Well this week he got the surprise of a lifetime. He was going through his mail when he came across what he assumed was a bill for his medical treatment. Expecting an invoice of about $300 for outpatient services he opened up the envelope and nearly emergency treatment again when he saw the amount due, a whopping $44 million!

Apparently the firm that handles the hospitals billing really botched things up! Blaming the mistake on a system error the firm said the bill’s invoice number was inadvertently placed in the amount due field. Both the firm and the hospital were inundated with complaints and has since issued an apology. I’m sure they were very happy that no one keeled over or suffered a heart attack from the bogus invoices, extremely lucky…


“A Marine Pee for All!”

"Pee for All"

I’m sure by now nearly everyone’s seen or at least heard about the disturbing video of the four U.S. Marines in full combat gear peeing on the dead bodies of three Taliban in Afghanistan last week. Reaction to the 39 second video in which you can also hear the Marines laughing and making jokes, range from humorous to utterly  disgust to humorous. The Marine Corp is definitely not happy and quite embarrassed about the incident. A Marine spokesperson said “the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our corps.”

The Obama administration acted quickly to contain diplomatic damage. U.S. Secretary of Defense called the video “utterly deplorable” and promised a prompt and thorough investigation. The Afghan president called the video “completely inhumane” and has called for swift action in punishing the Marines involved. The timing of the scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time. The U.S is in the midst of negotiating peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban  as troops are slowly being withdrawn. The video could put a serious damper on the peace process.

Over the weekend I overheard a couple of men talking about the video at a local Home Depot store. They seemed more upset by the fact that the incident had been filmed rather than because it happened. One said something like …things happen in war, but why the hell did those stupid kids have to film it?…  The other responded “Yeah, this is what happens when you send boys to do a man’s job!” Really?  this is what happens? They stand around peeing on the dead ? I don’t think so. But then again the 11th Marines are called the “cannon cockers.” I suppose it could have been worse, at least they didn’t  take a dump!       Ooh Rah!!


“O.C. Homeless Targeted by Marine Vet”

Itzcoatl Ocampo Aztec Killer?

Yeah the Marines are really having a bad week. Now an ex-marine is suspected of being Orange Counties latest serial killer. The big question isn’t if he really did it but why he did it. Was this young Yorba Linda man driven to kill four transients because he’s been seeing and hearing things since his returned from his tour in Iraq? Did the events in Iraq  screw with his head as many, including his own family insist?

Get this, as ridiculous as it sounds another school of thought is that the killings were racially motivated. Itzco targeted whites because he was born in Mexico, and is a Mexican who naturally hates whites!  Probably dreamed up by some Xenophobic (fear of foreigners and/or strangers) and his support group.

Then there are some that are claiming that his unusual first name may be to blame. His name, Itzcoatl, is an Aztecan name meaning “obsidian serpent” and was the name of an Aztec emperor. Some OC crazies have come up with this insane idea that the killing of these four white men was motivated by the ancient power of the Aztecs. Wild huh? I’m sure we’ll be learning about his motive soon enough. Until then we can just sit back and have a good laugh at the expense of all these crazy theorists who are running around loose.   Semper Fi…


“A Captain Always Goes Down With His Ship – Unless He’s Captain Coward!”

"Oh Captain my Captain, Where the Hell are you?"

Last but certainly not least is the Carnival cruise ship that ran aground off the coast of Italy last Friday. It appears human error on the part of the Captain or Captain Coward as he is now being called, is to blame. Some reports say he was show-boating for friends and strayed off course into shallow water. Once the ship went aground the captain and many of his crew  headed for the lifeboats. Several passengers reported seeing the captain boarding a lifeboat and one couple said they saw him in a lifeboat covered with a blanket long before everyone was off the ship. The captain is in police custody charged with sic counts of suspected manslaughter, abandoning ship before all others, and causing a shipwreck.

What the hell was this clown doing in charge of a luxury cruise ship? Where did Carnival find this guy? It’s quite apparent Captain Coward had no intention whatsoever of going down with the ship or even sticking around to assist passengers.  He had only one thing in mind, saving his own ass!


Just Saying…


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