"Osama Been Laden to Rest"

Okay, my turn to sound off about Osama and our governments involvement in his execution.

Last week, in a move that virtually ensures his re-election, President Obama spear headed a special ops assault on the suspected whereabouts of  Osama Bin Laden, founder and leader of the notorious al Qaeda global militant Islamic group allegedly responsible for the September 11th attacks and numerous others acts of terrorism worldwide. Osama was purported to have been killed during the attack by Navy Seals after they stormed the house where he was said to have been living for the last five years.

After more than a week it appears likely that the al Qaeda leader is truly dead despite an onslaught of government misinformation and their reluctance to provide the public with photos or other physical evidence that could authenticate his death, leaving the public to wonder if in fact it was Osama who was killed in the attack. Already cries of conspiracy and government cover-up can be heard throughout the nation.

So what’s the big deal about the photos anyways? Why is Obama holding them back? His sorry excuse that the photos  are too graphic and disturbing is shallow. As if we haven’t seen every kind of killing gunshot on the big screen, in 3-D even! Most of us have seen the Zapruder films and the killing JFK head shot, or the numerous beheading’s on You Tube. What could possibly be more disturbing?  Obama also added that he doesn’t want the U.S to appear morbid or insensitive and have the photos stir things up.

As if the killing itself hasn’t already stirred things up. Please! Enough all ready. You done good Mr. Prez, don’t go and blow it by playing holier than thou.There’s a time and place to be genteel and this isn’t it. This is the time to lay your cards (pics) on the table and speak up for our country. Make a bold and dauntless statement Something like “We are America and we will not tolerate terrorism! See what we do to terrorists!  Be a leader for God’s sakes! Man up! Your gentlemanly “That’s not what we’re about” line is crap. I’m sorry my fellow Americans but “Homey don’t play that!”

And what’s up with Obama’s answer to the question “How did the photo’s of Osama make you feel when you first saw them Mr. Pesident?” In front of a national TV audience he solemnly looked into the camera and replied “It’s him.” What? The reporter interviewing him was looking for an gut felt emotional response to the question like “I felt sick to my stomach” or perhaps “They were gruesome, I couldn’t stand to look at them,” not “It’s Him.” Personally I believe it was just another strategic move on the president’s part to drive home the point that it was indeed Osama who was slain. I mean We reportedly have the DNA which proves without a doubt that it was Osama, but then we have the quick removal of the body to an aircraft carrier and a rather hasty burial at sea. More fodder for conspiracy enthusiasts.

Come on Obama get it together. Covering up or holding back is counter-productive. The death of Osama bin Laden is a major news event, and the world is entitled to see him dead, if only to prove to themselves that the monster is indeed dead. Perhaps we will react as you did when we see them and see beyond the gruesomeness and simply think “It’s him.”

Bin Laden is as reviled today as Hitler once was and the world is entitled to see the photos. Just get it over with and put an end to all the discussion and controversy. Put an end to those who would photo shop or otherwise doctor photos of his corpse and put them on the internet. Lets face it, the al-Qaeda will act to avenge Bin Laden’s death, that is a certainty. They’re probably already planning their attack. The only question is when and how. Releasing the photos will not push them to act, they have already been pushed. No matter what you do or don’t do, sadly for us, their retaliation is a given and we must prepare for the inevitable.

Truth trumps concerns about taste or adverse reactions. Americans want the truth. Release the photos that will prove to us that Osama Bin Laden is indeed dead. Don’t shroud this event in a veil of mystery. Don’t fan the flame of conspiracy and doubt. We all know that even with the release of the photos there will still be those who cry foul and will continue to believe that it is just another in a long line of governmental conspiracies and cover ups. There’s not much that can be done about them, but you can put the minds of the majority at ease by simply releasing the photos.

Just saying…


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