"Our Daily Bread: World Marriage Day"

Yesterday at church I learned that it was World Marriage Day. I have to tell you, I’d never heard of it and had no idea there was such a thing!  I suppose if I’d been attending mass more regularly the past several years I would have known about it. You learn something everyday!  World Marriage Day is a very important annual event, honoring the vocation of husbands and wives and the positive impact a married couples dedication has on our society, families, communities, Church, and nation. So special in fact, that father gave a blessing for all married couples at the conclusion of the mass.

I was so intrigued by the idea of a day celebrating marriage that later I did a little research and found out that ‘WMD’ has actually been around for awhile. The idea started back in 1981 in Baton Rouge and was sanctioned by the mayor and Catholic Bishop as “We Believe in Marriage Day” and was a huge success that caught on like wildfire.The event was so successful, the idea was adopted by the leaders of Catholic ‘Worldwide Marriage Encounter Group. Within two years the name was changed to ‘World Marriage Day’ and endorsed by 47 governors and being celebrated in several foreign countries. Ten years later it was endorsed by the Pope.

Pretty cool, a day honoring both spouses as head of the family unit to support and  strengthen the concept of marriage. A day saluting the beauty of daily married life, the sacrifices, joys and commitment involved in sharing a life together. The theme of the is  commandment given by Jesus to ‘love one another.” at John 15:12. It is how God wishes us to live. Loving one another is a daily decision — simple, but challenging, the key word here being ‘challenging’. Being married is an equal partnership between a man and a woman. Keeping things equal takes strong commitment. It goes much further than simply saying you’re committed to your marriage.

Although I’ve been married for 38 years to the same lovely lady, I can tell you I’m no expert on the subject and am still learning how to make our marriage work. One thing I do know is that instead of becoming comfortable or complacent in your marriage you have to strengthen and nourish it. This is the part I’m working on. You’ve got to say it with words and tell your spouse just how committed you are to your marriage and let your kids know that you and your spouse are committed to each other through thick and thin. And let your behavior reflect your commitment. Remember “actions speak louder than words.”

Being a happily married couple as God intends is not an easy task. You have to make an investment in each other, take the time to talk together, laugh together and spend time alone time with one another, go out on dates together and plan your future together.  Don’t allow yourself to be distracted  by temptation. Remind yourselves of all the good things about your relationship. What you love about your spouse, all the blessings you’ve received together, how you have grown together. These things will help strengthen your commitment and love for each other.

And in your quiet moments reflect on your marriage and pray for strength and unity in your marriage. With God at the heart of your relationship, you will ‘love one another.’     “His will be done.”

Happy World Marriage Day…



















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