Parenting Isn't for Everyone

What the hell is wrong with some parents anyway?  Have they forgotten the meaning of words like love, obligation, responsibility, have they no common sense? Have they gone mad? Case in point, a 7 month pregnant, mother of 4 in Houston who left her kids at home alone while she and her boyfriend slipped out to get a pizza! I guess they’d never heard of delivery. To some running out for a quick minute might not seem like such a bad thing to do especially if one the children is at least 12 or 13, but in this case all the kids were under the age of 5! Can you believe that? 5!

How in the hell can anyone in their right mind leave their four babies home alone? How could they walk out on a 4 year old sleeping boy, twin 3 year old boys and a 19 month old little girl? Talk about a disaster in the making! And as you can probably guess, here comes Murphy’s Law and things went very wrong. While the 4 year old slept, the twins were in the kitchen playing with their younger sister. Why the kitchen? Who knows. One thing led to another and the next thing you know, one of the boys managed to get his sister up into the oven and shut the door behind her while his brother stood by oven control ready to “make it hot”. Not a pretty picture.

What happened next was beyond tragic. Suffice it to say that the worst occurred and a one year old, innocent little girl was killed. What makes the incident even more tragic is that it could have easily been avoided and the mother could have still gone out. It seems the children’s grandmother, who was home at the time, lived right there in the same apartment building and had no idea the children were home alone. Mom couldn’t text, call or take a short walk to grandma’s apartment and make arrangements to make sure the kids would be taken care of? Apparently not. Like I said a real tragedy.

I can’t begin to imagine how that young mother must have felt when she came home and discovered her dead child. She tried to save her baby but it was much too late for that. Sadly a poor decision cost her child’s life. But apparently she has a history of making bad choice. According to Child Protective Services, who immediately removed the remaining 3 children from the home, there have been previous instances of the children being left at home unsupervised. Charges are sure to follow. Yeah she really screwed up this time.

Life is all about making choices. Sometimes we make good ones and other times we don’t. This was definitely a don’t. One bad choice and this women’s life is forever changed as are the lives of her children. Oh she’s probably terribly sorry now and trying to get her head around the fact that this really happened. she’s feeling like hell and telling herself that she never thought anything like this would ever happen and that’s all well and good, but the fact remains, it did happen and thinking it wouldn’t, is no excuse. We’ve all used that line  before to try and ease the pain or maybe guilt, but in this case the guilt is well deserved. Her ignorance and irresponsibility is inexcusable and she should be made to pay for her lapse in judgement.

As parents of young children it is our responsibility to keep them out of harms way at all costs, even at the cost of some of our own needs and desires. A child’s safety and well-being always comes first. Perhaps this young mother will learn from this tragedy and make changes in her life that will benefit her and her 3 remaining children as well as the one that’s on the way. I would certainly hope so. Then again maybe she won’t learn a thing and next time the loss will be even greater. Only time will tell, parenting isn’t for everyone.

So now because of her stupidity, my bad luck at coming across this news story in the first place and the vividly, descriptive, word-spinning of some young reporter, I’m left with a haunting image as described by the two brothers who said that their baby sister was kicking the oven door while she was inside burning. It makes my stomach turn.

Just a thought…


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