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I can’t begin to understand why people do the things they do, particularly people of prominence. We’ve all come to expect Movie, TV, rock, rap and sports stars to make bad choices, they’re notorious for it, but they are hardly prominent, famous yes, prominent no way. No, I’m referring to individuals on another level altogether, royalty, high ranking officials, politicians, doctors, lawyers and the like. Why would anyone in a highly visible position do anything that would draw negative attention to themselves or whoever they may represent? Why they would choose to get caught up in shady situations or break the law baffles me.

Medical Tool or Movie Prop?

Medical Tool or Movie Prop?

In this particular instance I’m talking about a prominent 54 year old medical doctor at the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore I just read about, who earlier this month decided to ignore the code of medical ethics and broke the law? What could possibly have made the doctor, a gynecologist responsible for nearly a thousand woman patients, snap and cross the line?  What he did will surprise you. It was sick and reeks of perversion!

So what did this perve do that was so bad? Well it’s hard to believe, but the doctor hid a small camera in the top of the ball point pen he wore on a chain around his neck  then proceeded to film his patients while examining them! That’s right ladies, while these women were already in a rather uncomfortable and somewhat compromising position, their trusted physician, a specialist and professional, took advantage of them! What a flippin’ idiot! Talk about an invasion of privacy!

On the urging of an alert employee who had suspicions about the doctor and the strange pen he insisted on wearing during exams, hospital administrators questioned him, then escorted him from the clinic but not before confiscating the pen and several other miniature recording devices. He was subsequently fired. Authorities then stepped in and seized his computers and hard-drive from his work site and his home. It was reported that there was an extraordinary amount of evidence found at his home. But before authorities could question him as to what he was doing with the film and pictures or if he was working with anyone else, the doctor took his own life, leaving authorities to speculate on the extent of the damage caused by his actions.

Okay so he was filming and taking photos of woman’s privates, had them downloaded to his home computer and ??  What was he doing with them? That the big question authorities are trying to answer. Was he distributing them? Are they floating around on the internet somewhere? Who are his accomplices if any? Perhaps he was working with a gang of other perverted gynecologists or doctors? Hey, it could happen! Guess we’ll never know unless the pics surface on the net, until then we can only speculate.  In the meantime his former patients can only wait and wonder if they are a part of his lewd pictorials.

All I can say is John Hopkins better batten down the hatches because it wont be long before the shit hits the fan! Already some of these women victims have grown tired of waiting and wondering and have begun filing suits against the hospital. You can bet that more will be doing the same and old John Hopkins is going to have a helluva class action suit against them and rightly so. These woman had their doctor patient privilege breached, their privacy violated, confidences destroyed. The damage has been down. I guarantee we’re going to be hearing a lot more about this  case. John Hopkins can rest assured that this  isn’t going to go away quietly.

So I ask you, what the hell is happening to this country of ours? Priests, politicians, teachers, law enforcement officials, and now even our doctors can’t be trusted. What’s become of our moral and ethical code? Doesn’t it mean anything anymore? Apparently not. We hear about these atrocities every day. My God, pretty soon they’ll be no one we can feel comfortable with, no one left we can trust.

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