Peyton Manning: The Final Four"

Okay, am I bad or what? Am I the only fan who worships at the altar of the almighty NFL who doesn’t give a rats ass about what team Peyton Manning ends up with? Come on we’ve seen it all before, top rated quarterback released by a team they’ve been with forever, a team they thought they’d finish out their careers with. Hey it happens!  Owners and management don’t care Mr. big time QB is a sentimental favorite of the fans, a pillar of the community or the cities favorite son. Football is a business. “There’s no emotional attachment in Football!”or any other sport for that matter. “It’s just business, nothing personal.”

Okay, so he got a raw deal from the Colts but like I said it’s all about business and business means money. It doesn’t matter that he’s an outstanding quarterback, who already ranks as one of the top NFL quarterbacks of all  time, that’s a given, but the fact is, he sat out the entire last season recovering from a serious injury and there is a good chance that his playing days are limited or even over, or he may come back and  still have some incredible playing days left. It too big of a gamble for the Colts, too many unknowns. So after 14 seasons, they’ve cut him loose. I’m sure it was a tough decision, but it’s a done deal.

Hey I like Peyton Manning. I think he’s an awesome quarterback, always have. His little  brother’s a dweeb but  Peyton’s okay. I’m just tired of hearing all the hype about Peyton big decision. So he’s narrowed his choice down to four teams, Denver, Miami, Arizona and Tennessee, So what! I don’t care! Everywhere you turn someone’s talking about Peyton. Newspapers, radio, TV, the internet. You can’t get away from the hype. It’s like a regular ‘Peyton Place’! Last night even Letterman got in the act when as part of his monologue said that “Peyton was seen in Miami, eating a Denver omelette and drinking an AriZona ice tea.” Not funny David, not funny at all.

The same exact thing has happened to a number of great QB’s. Look at Joe Montana who is considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of all time. After 14 seasons, 4 super bowl victories , 8 pro bowls appearances and numerous MVP awards, the San Francisco 49ers traded him to Kansas City where he called it quits two years later. Then there was all time great Johnny ‘Golden Arm” Unitas who played for the Colts for 16 seasons before being traded to the San Diego Chargers where he ended his career in poor fashion a year later. Super star Brett Favre was with Green Bay for 16 seasons before being traded to the NY Jets. And of course there’s good old ‘Broadway Joe’ Namath. He spent 11 years with the Jets before going to the Rams for his final dismal season. So you can see Peyton isn’t the first and he definitely wont be the last. Better watch your step Tom Brady. You may be the golden boy right now and about to begin your 12th season with the Patriots, but stranger things have happened. Drew Bledsoe felt pretty comfortable in New England until you showed up.

Actually there aren’t many QB’s in recent history who played their entire careers with the same team. Dan Marino, (17 yrs) and Bob Griese(13yrs) spent their careers with the Miami Dolphins. John Elway spent his 16 year career with the Broncos, Troy Aikman spent his 11 year career with the Cowboys, Dan Fouts was with the San Diego Chargers for 14 years before calling it quits and good ol’ boy Terry Bradshaw spent his 13 year career with the Steelers.

I think Peyton is making a big mistake. He should seriously consider retirement instead of signing with another team. It would be the smart thing to do. He certainly isn’t doing it for the money! He’d probably like to go out in a blaze of glory, maybe notch another Super Bowl win or two, but the chances of that happening are pretty slim, while the chances of him being seriously injured have increased dramatically. He’s been sidelined an entire season. He should stay that way. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be remembered for sitting out a season and believes he has something to prove. Nothing could be further from the truth. he has nothing to prove to anyone except maybe himself. He’s already left his mark on the game of football and will be remembered as one of the top QB’s of all time.

Hello Peyton! Get a clue buddy! Retire!  This is serious. Every time he takes the field he runs the risk of being  carted off the field on a stretcher. I know all players do, but his neck injuries were serious, as were the two operations he underwent to fix the problem. I read an article quoting one of his doctor’s who said even with the surgery Peyton still has bones in his neck that are pushing against his spine and nerves and during vigorous physical activity, he experiences numbness in in his hands and arms and a loss of strength as well. Come on! Can’t you imagine taking the field and being hit and knocked down with injuries like that. I don’t care how good of a line he has, he’s going to go down from time to time. The big question is “Will he get back up?”

I always thought Peyton was the smarter of the two Manning brothers. Boy was I wrong!

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