"Pops! He's Another Year Young Today!"

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Happy Birthday Pops!

It’s my pops birthday today! Yep, 89 years young and still going strong. Oh he’s got his share of aches and pains particularly from his bad knees, but otherwise he’s pretty darn healthy. This is his second B-day with us. He’s been living with us now for nearly 15 months and except for a July wrestling match with the 37 inch flat screen TV we had in his room (he lost) which cost him 3 nights in the hospital, two months of physical therapy and a huge bruise on his chest where the TV hit and pinned him for over an hour, he’s doing okay. Yeah, aside from that one episode, l’d say he had a pretty good 2012 and believe me, that’s a real good thing.

You see 2011 was a rough year for my dad. In early February his youngest sister, my aunt Gracie died. Then one week later on the day before my aunts funeral, his youngest son, my brother Ted passed away one. It was a lot for my dad to deal with. Once all the funeral business was settled we moved my dad from his mobile home of nearly 17 years to a small one bedroom home about a quarter mile from our house. He did fine for almost 7 months then one fine October afternoon he had what they at first thought may have been a stroke and was in the hospital for three days. Thank God it wasn’t a stroke but something to do with a slow heartbeat. At that time he got the double whammy from his doctor when he was told that he could no longer live alone and he could no longer drive. That’s when he moved in with us.

Yeah, if anyone would have told me years ago that one day my pops and I would be living  under the same roof, I would have  died laughing. We had a pretty rocky relationship when I was a teen, I couldn’t wait to move out. But that was then and this is now.  He needed somewhere to stay and didn’t want to go into a old folks home. My sister didn’t have the space so what could I do except invite him to live with us. We really don’t mind at all having him here with us, I don’t think he minds being here either. Hey you do what you have to do and it almost always turns out to be the right thing.

So today we’re having a little family barbecue to celebrate pop’s birthday. 89 years old is definitely a cause for celebration! Like I said, 89 and still going strong! At the rate he’s going, he’ll probably out live us all! Happy Birthday Pop’s! Hope you enjoy your big day!

Love You,





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