"Replacement Officials: The NFL's Not Ready For Prime Time Players!"

Touchdown!! Really?

As if NFL Football wasn’t exciting enough already, this season we have an added element to the game that has outraged football fans across the country and has coaches, players, sportscasters and bookies everywhere crying foul! Yes, you guessed it, I’m referring to those inept, bumbling, bush-league, and obviously blind replacement officials! Bastards!  Where the hell did the NFL front office find these guys anyway? These clowns are supposed to at least be division III college refs, but these rejects couldn’t officiate a Pop Warner game! Yet here they are in the NFL! Un-f-ing believable! Thanks for nothing  Commissioner  Goodell!

Doesn’t  Goodell realize that these wanna-be officials are tarnishing the proud tradition of America’s favorite past time and making it a laughing stalk? Do you remember the Keystone Cops, that comedic, slapstick group of incompetent cops from the days of silent film? Well these jokers remind me of the Keystone Cops as they run around trying to keep order on the field. Last weekend they blew so many calls it was ridiculous! I think they are actually getting progressively worse!  Have you ever seen as many late flags as there were last weekend? These clowns in ref-wear are allowing themselves to be intimidated by the shouting coaches on the sidelines and players grumbling and complaining near the plays! These guys are weak!

I tell you it was a comedy of errors! In addition to all the late flags, the wanna-be’s  spotted the ball inappropriately on several occasions, they ran the clock down clocks when it should have been stopped and stopped it when they shouldn’t have, and they walked off penalties from the wrong spots resulting in additional penalty yardage! What about the late roughing the passer call  made after some Tom Brady theatrics and his little tantrum that a penalty should be called. The big baby got the official to throw the flag. Tom was sure happy it was the replacements on the field, because a real ref wouldn’t have made the call.

Then there was the receiver who caught a pass, tucked the ball away and made forward progress before being hit and losing the ball. The fumble occurred directly in front of an official, and to his credit he did rule it a fumble only to have his call overturned by an official on the other side of the field who ruled it an incomplete pass! And that’s not all, we also had a pass that was ruled complete even though it was clearly evident that the receiver never had possession and the ball touched the ground! And what about the  serious helmet to helmet infraction that resulted in the player being carted from the field and taken to the hospital with a neck injury, yet no penalty was called. Incredible! and that was just on Sunday!

Monday nights game between the Packers and Seahawks was no better. The bad calls just kept on coming! A defensive pass interference call was made on a LB even though he had inside position and was clearly in a better spot to catch the ball.   A clean  interception overturned because of a roughing the passer penalty that should have never been called and a host of other bad calls. But the worst call in the history of officiating occurred on the final play of the game. Seattle’s QB fired up a ‘Holy Mary’ pass to the end zone, where it appeared that the ball was intercepted thus ending the game giving the Packers the victory. Oh but that would have been much too easy. Instead one ref’s signaled interception and touchback, while a second ref signaled touchdown. Talk about controversial!

Funny but neither ref saw the blatant offensive pass interference that occurred moments before the catch. Replay after replay clearly showed the Seattle receiver involved in offensive pass interference before jumping up for the ball. Had either one seen the pass interference and made the call, the controversial catch would be a mute point. It certainly appeared to everyone watching (except the ref) that the Packers defender  came down with the interception, but the Seattle receiver did have his hands on the ball as well. The ruling on the field was that a simultaneous catch had been made. In case of a simultaneous catch the offensive receiver gets credit for the catch! Touchdown and win Seahawks! Oh what a night for football!

Simultaneous catch! Wow!  But the following morning the NFL stood behind the call, and the replacement officials saying they had missed the pass interference call but made the right call on the catch. What else could they say! you think Goodell or any of his boys in the front office are going to bad mouth the replacements when they’ve got no one else to fall back on? No way! So good or bad, right or wrong we’re stuck with the wanna-be refs. and better get use to it. Goodell is playing hardball with the leagues real officials and isn’t willing to concede. We may be stuck with the clowns in stripes for awhile yet.

Actually I don’t thin they’re that bad, not all of them anyway. If we could get rid of the blind ones and the ones who are easily intimidated we might get through the season. I sorta enjoy seeing all the drama unfolding on the football field. I like seeing head coaches shouting, cursing, running down the sidelines throwing headsets and pulling out their hair! Now that’s entertainment! Football is after all a spectators sport. Fans love to yell and scream at players, coaches and officials. These bonehead officials although frustrating at times, are just adding to the dramatics and entertainment of the game. Come on they’ve got everyone fired up like they haven’t been in years! I think it’s great! I can hardly wait for Thursday nights game!

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