"Rocky & Bullwinkle Alive and Well After 50 Years"

Remember this ?

r-n-b-300x260Bullwinkle:  Hey Rocky, watch me pull a                             rabbit out of my hat.                   Rocky:  Not again?                                         Bullwinkle:  Presto!                                           Lion:   ROAR!!!                                                   Bullwinkle:  Oops, wrong hat!

or how about:

Rocky: Hey Bullwinkle we’re in real                            trouble now!                                     Bullwinkle: Oh good, Rocky! I hate that                            artificial kind!

fft-150x150Classic R & B! No not Rhythm and Blues, Rocky and Bullwinkle! For more than 50 year R & B’s timeless humor has appealed to young and old alike. Kids love the characters and adults enjoy the satire and political commentary. I was 8 years old when R& B made their debut on channel seven as “Rocky and His Friends.” And what a cast of friends they were!

doright-150x150Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose were the real stars of course. Every show began and ended with a short R&B cliffhanger  episode that usually included nogoodniks Boris Badenov, Natasha Mr. Big, and Fearless Leader. In between R&B did a few bits like Bullwinkle’s ‘Mr. Know It All’, and for some comedic culture, there was ‘Bullwinkle’s Corner,’ but that part of the show belong to  the ‘friends,’ Mr. Peabody and mps-300x198Sherman and the incredible Way Back   Machine, Dudley Do-Right of the Canadian Mounties, his sweetheart, Nel, and the scoundrel Snidely Whiplash, Aesop & Son, and Fractured Fairy Tales.  R&B were always my favorites, but  Mr.       Peabody, Sherman and Fractured Tales were a close second.

I use to love coming home from school and watching Rocky & Bullwinkle. For five years the show  was the the best cartoon on TV, except for the one season when they dropped Fractured Fairy Tales and replaced it with Aesop and Son. Aesop was good, but FFT’s was far better. It returned the next season. The show also underwent a series of name changes it began as ‘Rocky and friends’ changed to ‘The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends’ and finally became ‘The Bullwinkle Show.’ Then in 1964 the show was abruptly cancelled. The show stayed around in syndication until the early 2000’s and since March of this year has returned to cable.

Bullwinkle Moose was the brainchild of  Jay Ward who got the idea from a dream in which he was attending a poker party and there was this “stupid moose doing card tricks.” He and his partner Alex Anderson got the moose’s name from a used car dealership in Berkeley California called Bullwinkel Motors whose name they found humorous.The rest is television history. Rocky and Bullwinkle have since become a part of American pop culture.

rocky-bullwinkle-218x300Yes the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show was quite the hit, so much so that in September of 1961 a 15 foot, full color, fiberglass statue of the pair was unveiled by renowned actress Jayne Mansfield and LA Co. Sheriff Peter Pitchess, not in R&B’s hometown of Frostbite Falls Minn., but on the Sunset Strip, right in front of the offices of Jay Ward Productions the shows creator. With more than 5000 R&B fans in attendance it was a major event.

Fifty years later Ward’s Productions has relocated, replaced by a dog grooming business, but the Rocky &Bullwinkle statue complete with rotating base, remains. A colorful tribute to two legendary cartoon heroes. I didn’t know about the R&B statue until recently, but I can tell you now that I know it’s there I will definitely be taking a drive to Hollywood to see it, maybe take the grandkids to see it before it goes the way of so many other legendary sites and is destroyed or moved to some warehouse never to be seen again.

If your a R&B fan and are interested in seeing this 50 year old marvel the address is    8218 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood CA.  See you there!

Rocky: “Do you know what an A-bomb is Bullwinkle?”                                                        Bullwinkle: “Sure A Bomb is what  some people call our show.”

Even after 50 years ya gotta love em….



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