Sandy Hook: The Barber? Really?

On and on it goes…

The makeshift memorial at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Can  you believe all the crap the media continues to print about the Sandy Hook killer. I believe they have a responsibility to report the facts but should focus primarily on the killings and those killed not the killer. That is why I never refer to the killer by name. I refuse to acknowledge him and will not give him the notoriety he sought. Yet the press in an effort to keep his name and face on the front page have stooped to reporting the most inane stories about him.

So far we’ve heard from neighbors, students who knew him years ago, a former high school adviser, and a baby-sitter from ten years ago among others. in stories with headlines like “Classmate Says killer (real name used) attended  Sandy Hook Elementary,” “Sandy Hook Killer’s Mom Tells Former Sitter “Never Turn your Back On Him,” “Sandy Hook Killer Tied To Godless Society,” “The Troubled Life of The Sandy Hook Killer,” “High School Loner to Cold-Blooded Executioner: How ‘Genius’ Honor Student (name) Became Masked Killer” “Former Classmate Reveals School Gunman Had Online Devil Worshiping Page,” and my favorite, “If Sandy Hook Shooter had Arab Name.” and, the list goes on and on.

Today we hear from someone who is really in the know, the killer’s barber no less! “Killer’s (name) Barber Says Newton Shooter Never Spoke During Haircuts.” Are you kidding me? What does this story have to do with anything? What has it added to what we already knew? He was extremely quiet and always under the watchful eye of his mother. No wait there was one new piece of information, he was well groomed and got his haircut every six weeks. Please! Seems to me that this article was nothing more than a way for the two local stylists to get their names in the paper and receive their 15 minutes of fame. A total waste of ink if you ask me.

So who are we going to hear from next, the gardener? The postman? Or maybe his dentist will come forward to tell us that the shooter never opened his mouth! All kidding aside, I find the actions of the press repulsive. First and foremost the real news here is the deaths of those precious angels who were brutally slain and the deaths of the heroes who lost their lives trying to protect them. They are the real story here, not the killer. The papers and internet should be filled with stories about them and about the survivors.

Secondly is the issue of the security of our children while at school. We should be concerned with what we can learn from this horrible attack and how we can address those safety issues. Then there’s the weapons issue and that’s a big one. So much can be written about it. The United States has a love affair with guns. That coupled with the NRA powerful gun lobby, makes for a hell of a battle over the right to bear arms. However, a case can certainly be made  a full out ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. The press should be all over this one.

The Sandy Hook killer is the last thing that should be making headline. Stories, allegations and testimonies from former so called acquaintances or people who barely knew him are as I said before a waste of paper.  Stories about the killer should be on page 10. The sensationalism of the killer serves no purpose other than to give unwarranted attention to a monster. Come on press, get your priorities in order. I’m tired of reading all the bullshit. This latest crap about the killer’s haircuts and the barber that is currently trending is a prime example of whats wrong with the media today. Seems that everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame at any cost.

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