"Sign of the Times: Looking for Change"

images The other day I was at Lowe’s putting my purchases into the back of my van when I was approached by a man of approximately my own age who walked over and asked me for some money. Now he didn’t simply ask or tell me to “help a brother out,” “I’m out of work,” I’m a Vet,” or “I need to get a bite to eat,” no he came up and flat out asked me for a couple of dollars, no explanation, just “can you spare a couple of bucks?”

Without hesitation  I lied and told him I had no money. He looked at me suspiciously and glanced at the bags in the back of the van. I knew he was probably thinking, “Yeah then how’d you buy that stuff?” so I quickly said, “Sorry but I paid with a credit card.” Actually that wasn’t a lie, I had paid with a credit card. Without so much as a word he walked away and approached another car that had just pulled into the parking lot. Hey, I’ve been known to give money to street people once in a while, this just wasn’t one of those time. I watched as the two woman who exited the car listened to him a moment then reached into their purses and gave him money. I wondered what story he had told them, must have been a good one.

downloadHave you noticed the growing number of these people on the streets? Now don’t take that the wrong way, I don’t mean “these people” in a derogatory manner. I simply mean people who are out there every day asking for money. They’re everywhere, freeway off ramps seem to be very popular, sometimes there’s more than one person on a ramp. You get off the freeway in some areas and are greeted by, “Will work for food.” “Unemployed Vet” “Homeless” “Hungry” and a host of others signs. My all time favorite which I saw several years ago read, “Why lie – I need a beer.” See, there are some honest homeless people out there. I once read about a driver who carried his own sign and would hold it up to the window whenever he saw one of these vagabonds by the side of the road. It simply said “GET A JOB!”

Today’s economic woes has these unfortunates out in droves. They are everywhere and there are some who are truly needy, who have lost their job, homes or are victims of some other crisis, but there are also some who are  are so busy getting free hand-outs that they don’t need to work or even want to. I remember a special three or four part report the Los Angeles Times did several years ago about the growing number of people asking for money on the streets. I was shocked to learn that some of these loafers made quite a good living out of it. There was one older gentleman in West LA I believe, who they focused on in one of the reports. It seems he spent six to eight hours a day working a busy intersection asking for handouts, then around 4:30 he’d walk several blocks away to where he had his Mercedes stashed and drove off to his home. Another days work complete. This con man sometimes made $400- $500 a day! Can you believe that?

lazy-300x295Now I don’t recall this bums circumstance, but I know he wasn’t homeless or out of work, in fact if I remember correctly he was retired and was just supplementing his pension. So if it worked for him, how many others are out there working this scam. You know he’s not the only one. Yeah, it is these few swindlers who cast a shadow of doubt on the plight of  the truly homeless, jobless, ailing Vets and others who are barely making it from day to day and have families to feed and care for? We no longer have to look to foreign countries to find poor and starving children. It’s happening right here in the good old USA! People are freakin’ starving and dying in the streets. it may not be as bad as some third world nations, but it’s bad enough.

sign_p6jpg-480x384-300x240I can’t understand what the hell has happened to America. I know this is not the America envisioned by our forefathers. Something has to change and soon! Perhaps the mega bucks we are spending on space travel, foreign aid and the maintenance of our war machine and would be better spent here at home taking care of our own. How in God’s name can our nation be out there helping others when we can’t even help ourselves? Is this what our presidents of the last twenty years signed on for? Is this the legacy Obama wants to leave behind? I don’t think so, but the political machine has grown to big and is spiraling out of control. Politicians no longer represent all of the people, but only a chosen few. They have no concept of what bipartisanship really means.  Our leaders long for a bipartisan relationship with other countries but can’t even attain it within our own country. go figure.

I’m sorry Barack, but the concept of the “Obama Nation” has failed! It is certainly not your fault alone. The blame is shared by members of Congress. It’s really a shame Mr. president, but the “Obama Nation is an Abomination.”

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  1. Paul McCully says:

    I have heard that people would be far better served if rather then give hand outs to people on the street, give to the local shelters. I have had so many scams in my life with people wanting my money. I remember a time when a man came up to me and said “he and his wife had just come into town and that they needed a motel room for the night until they had their money wired to them”, for some reason I didn’t buy it and said no. About 4 months later I saw a lady co-worker talking to the same man. At work I asked her about it and she told me” the guy had just got into town with his wife”, well sorry to say she gave the guy some money. One other time we were at a store and a guy told my wife he was a sheet rocker and was on a job, but ran out of gas and needed to get home, but hadn’t been paid yet. Well one day I was opening up a box in my van in the parking lot of the same store and the same guy came up to me and told me the same story, I turned around walked toward him and said he had scammed my wife, he turned pale and told me I was crazy and ran. At the time I didn’t realize I had a big knife in my hand that I was using to open the box lol. I hope it put the fear of God in him. As regard to the country ,we have lost the culture of self reliance, I remember our folks telling us about the fact that they would rather eat dirt then take a handout from the government. If they really needed help they would go to their church first where people gave their money by choice. People where smart enough to know that the money they took from the government came from their working neighbors wages through taxes, unlike now where I heard one lady say the money is coming from Obamas stash.

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