Sometimes "Sweet Dreams Do Come True!" "Guitar Dreams"

Yesterday was quite ‘a day in the life’ for me. After decades of longing and months of exhaustive research I finally took the plunge and realized one of my life long dreams. Well maybe not a life long dream but damn close, nearly forty years! Can you believe it? Me, Mr. Impatient, waited that long to satisfy my craving. Yep, it’s true. Of course there were a series of new cars, trucks and motorcycles, as well as a houseful of costly stereo equipment to keep me placated at least until now.

Like everyone, there have been several things in my lifetime that I’ve dreamed about having. Oh you know, we all want the ‘ideal job’, ideal meaning we would love what e do and have all the time off we want, whenever we want! Then there’s the mansion on the hillside surrounded by acres and acres of forest, perhaps a nice large lake. Maybe a Mercedes Benz or two, a luxurious swimming pool, and a vacation home on Maui. Hey the list goes on and on. We all have material things we dream about possessing.

Although I’ve dreamed about a lot of things, and have even been labelled a ‘dreamer’ by some, of all my dreams there are only three that I would consider as truly desirable. The first of course, is the car of my dreams. Since I was around 17 I’ve dreamed of having a 1964 Porsche  356 SC.  I saw a picture of one in a car magazine and fell in love. At time I was driving my parents grey, 1959 Ford station wagon affectionately known as the grey mare, the Porsche would have made a fine replacement. Actually I came close to owning one, I just couldn’t get my dad to co-sign on the deal. I ended up with a red 61 VW bug instead.

Yeah, I was out car shopping when I spied this red VW sitting on a lot up on Huntington Drive in Monrovia. I stopped to look it over. It was actually a pretty clean little 61 Bug, with black custom interior, coco mats, a custom exhaust system and a clean little 40 horsepower engine, all for only $900. Elsewhere on the lot sat the car of my dreams, a 1964 Porsche. It was beautiful, a soft yellow with black interior and chrome rims, what a dream! They were asking only $3200 for a four year old low mileage Porsche. New the car had sold for just under five grand. I wanted that car. I brought my dad up to see it that evening. Even though I was working and was going to make the payments, he refused to co-sign. The dealer even dropped the price to $2750, but my dad wouldn’t budge. Needless to say, I drove home that night in a 61 VW that we got for $800. I swore that one day I’d own a 64 Porsche, of course today it would cost me in the neighborhood of $40 -$60 grand. Guess I’ll just have to keep on dreaming. Oh well, not my biggest disappointment.

My second dream involved a hilltop overlooking Puddingstone Lake, and visible across San Dimas. When I was doing the house husband thing from 83 – 88 when I returned to college full time I’d pick my kids up from school  and sometimes we’d go up near the hillside so they could hike and play. We took to calling it ‘Sausedo Mountain’ and talked of one day buying it and building a house on it. Well that never happened! The hilltop is still there, undeveloped and we still call it ‘Sausedo Mountain’, but unless I win the Lotto, owning it will remain a dream.

My third dream was born in the 70’s while I was a member of the Shalom Church group at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Irwindale. Don, one of the guitarist, owned what I thought was the most beautiful guitar I had ever seen or heard, a Martin D-35. Since the first time I strummed that guitar all those years ago,I knew that one day I’d own one of my own. I just didn’t know it was going to take so damn long!

My New D-35

Yesterday I became the proud owner of a brand new Martin D-35! After saving up nearly $800 dollars and selling two of my electric guitars, a Fender Strat American Standard and an Epiphone Les Paul, both of which I haven’t played in years,  I was finally able to purchase the D-35. Yeah my electrics had become room decor than instruments so selling them was a good move especially since I was able to purchase my dream guitar as a result. Wow, I own a D-35, I can hardly believe it! About five years ago I bought a custom Martin comparable to the D-16. I thought that would satisfy my longing but the thought of owning a D-35 persisted. Now I own one!

Of course now I’ve got to take the time to play it which I do plan to do. Although I’ve been playing guitar since I was around 15, I’m not a great guitar player or even a very good one. I’m a strummer at best. I play for my own satisfaction. Sitting down in a quiet place and playing gives me piece of mind and is a great stress reliever, always has been. I don’t know if the new Martin will make things any better than playing my forty year old Yamaha 160, guess we’ll have to wait and see. My Yamaha was a gift my wife for my 22nd birthday and has great sentimental value. It’s been my old faithful, everyday guitar. It’s going to be tough putting her in the case and moving on, but what better replacement than a D-35! Right now I’m still on a high from just knowing that I own one! It’s truly a good feeling. It’s a dream come true! A real sweet one!

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