Spirit in the Sky pt 2 "Going Home!"

Break on through to the other side.”    Jim Morrison    


Funny thing happened on my way to the dentist this morning. I turned on the radio and what do I hear, Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ of course. “Hey, hey, mama said the way you move
Gonna make you sweat, Gonna make you groove…” Yep, instant thoughts of Dave. Nothing like a little rock n roll to start the memory train going. I tell you, that song is all Dave, he loved Rock and  loved Zep. How could I not think of him. Seems like there isn’t anything right now that doesn’t remind me of him. I miss him.

A little later  I’m waiting to get called in for my appointment and this guy comes in and begins talking to the receptionist and I hear her say “Sorry Dave she’s not here right now,” Of course he had to be a Dave, and just like that this twisted mind of mine took the “Dave” and “not here” it had heard and ran with it, manufacturing yet another  Dave memory.

It was an old Cheech and Chong skit from back in  the day.  Knock, knock, knock.  “Who is it?   “It’s me man, Dave, open the door!”   “Dave’s not here.”    Knock, knock, knock.  “Who is it?” “Come on man it’s  me man, Dave, open the door!”   “Dave’s not here.”  It goes on for several minutes and ends with a frustrated Dave at wits end pounding on the door. For a while it was one of my cousin’s favorite line’s. Believe me “Dave’s not here” got old real quick.

And this afternoon while I was working outback and began thinking about Dave and what the whole death experience must be like, not being dead, but transitioning from this life to the hereafter or whatever lies ahead. I thought about everything I’ve heard about ‘going into the Light’ and wondered what it must feel like to cross into the light. What kind of sensation will we feel? I can only imagine that we are filled with an overwhelming sense sense of wonder and delight, awe and never ending Joy! God I hope that what Dave felt, what we will all feel.

imagesI then wondered if you hear music as you move towards the light. (I was on a roll) You know, like  harps, or maybe a pipe organ, bagpipes or a celestial choir. Or maybe we hear some song that we’ve always associated with  the after life and going to our heavenly home. Then it hit me. Dave always told me that the the absolute, best live, lead guitar work he’d ever heard was Ten Years Afters’ Alvin Lee performing “Going Home” at Woodstock in 69. Sometimes when he stayed at our house we’d watch it on YouTube. He loved it. Anyway, I began to wonder if ‘Going Home is what Dave heard as he approached and crossed over into the Light. God, wouldn’t that be cool?  I”Going Home” It would be so fitting, so Dave!

Later I was thinking that I will never again Dave’s  his familiar “Billy the Mountain” ringtone from my phone, a ringtone that only Dave and my buddy Brian shared. They were real Frank Zappa and the Mother’s weirdos like myself. The song was from a live performance recorded at UCLA in 1970. The album was called Los Mother’s: Just Another Band from L.A. I believe I gave them the ringtone around 2005.  Now they’re both gone. Brian died in 2008 and Dave last month. Time to retire the ringtone don’t you think? Besides with its history I’d be a little afraid of assigning it to anyone else. I haven’t gotten around to taking it off my phone yet so if my phone should ring and it’s the ‘Billy the Mountain’ ringtone, I’ll probably be scared shitless, but I’d answer it, you bet I would. You know, I think I’ll leave it on my phone for awhile, just in case, you never know. Maybe Dave will ring me up from the other side…

Okay enough of this mind tripping!  It was quite an interesting day in my head today, kinda weird I suppose, but hey its my head and I can think what I want. Today was “Dave memories gone crazy day.” But you know it was a good day. I’ve got a few regrets, there are always a few, but for the most part just a lot of great memories.

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