"The Late Great Steve Jobs: He Put The App in Apple "

The recent passing of Steve Jobs has left many wondering who will come forward to fill Job’s shoes as the guru of user friendly, personal technology, a position Jobs has held since 1977 when he and partner Steve Wozniak shocked the industry with the introduction of the Apple II personal computer.  The Apple II was followed by a succession of computer innovations that changed the world. In 84 the streamlined Apple IIE was released. That same year a new concept in computers also made its debut, the Macintosh 128k the computer that revolutionized the industry.

Yes, Jobs was king of the hill, but rather than stop and bask in the glory he pressed forward looking for new and better ways to make personal computing even more user friendly. He left Apple that year and wouldn’t return for over ten years. But when he returned he picked up right where he left off and helped restore Apple to it’s former glory and beyond releasing products like  the iBook, iMac, iPod in several different formats, iTunes, the MacBook Air, MacPro, Iphone  and finally the iPad. In the near future there will be an iPhone 5, iPad3, an even thinner MacBook Air and new generations of other Apple hits. You can rest assured that there are already new product in different stages of development at Apple and at their core is the genius of Steve Jobs .

Jobs innovations are felt in several facets of our lives and have become a standard in not only personal computers, but music, movies, and mobile communications as well.  Steve Jobs was a driven man. His success is inspirational. In reading about Jobs life I came across the following seven principles that drove Jobs success.

Steve Jobs and the 7 Rules of Success

EntrepreneurBy Carmine Gallo  

1. Do what you love. Jobs once said, “People with passion can change the world for  better.” Asked about the advice he would offer would-be entrepreneurs, he said, “I’d get a job as a busboy or something until I figured out what I was really passionate about.” That’s how much it meant to him. Passion is everything.

2. Put a dent in the universe. Jobs believed in the power of vision. He once asked then-Pepsi President, John Sculley, “Do you want to spend your life selling sugar water or do you want to change the world?” Don’t lose sight of the big vision.

3. Make connections. Jobs once said creativity is connecting things. He meant that people with a broad set of life experiences can often see things that others miss. He took calligraphy classes that didn’t have any practical use in his life — until he built the Macintosh. Jobs traveled to India and Asia. He studied design and hospitality. Don’t live in a bubble. Connect ideas from different fields.

4. Say no to 1,000 things. Jobs was as proud of what Apple chose not to do as he was of what Apple did. When he returned in Apple in 1997, he took a company with 350 products and reduced them to 10 products in a two-year period. Why? So he could put the “A-Team” on each product. What are you saying “no” to?   

5. Create insanely different experiences. Jobs also sought innovation in the customer-service experience. When he first came up with the concept for the Apple Stores, he said they would be different because instead of just moving boxes, the stores would enrich lives. Everything about the experience you have when you walk into an Apple store is intended to enrich your life and to create an emotional connection between you and the Apple brand. What are you doing to enrich the lives of your customers?

6. Master the message. You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate your ideas, it doesn’t matter. Jobs was the world’s greatest corporate storyteller. Instead of simply delivering a presentation like most people do, he informed, he educated, he inspired and he entertained, all in one presentation.

7. Sell dreams, not products. Jobs captured our imagination because he really understood his customer. He knew that tablets would not capture our imaginations if they were too complicated. The result? One button on the front of an iPad. It’s so simple, a 2-year-old can use it. Your customers don’t care about your product. They care about themselves, their hopes, their ambitions. Jobs taught us that if you help your customers reach their dreams, you’ll win them over.

There’s one story that I think sums up Jobs’ career at Apple. An executive who had the job of reinventing the Disney Store once called up Jobs and asked for advice. His counsel? Dream bigger. I think that’s the best advice he could leave us with. See genius in your craziness, believe in yourself, believe in your vision, and be constantly prepared to defend those ideas.

Can you live by these principles?  Can you focus on your life’s purpose and eliminate the attitudes and behaviors that have always stopped you from achieving your dream?  Easier said than done, right?  But remember Jobs did it and so have countless other  successful people. It can be done. all you need to do is follow these principles with a sense of purpose, determination and resolve. Let Jobs life be an inspiration to us all. Turn your dreams into reality! And when you’ve accomplished that – DREAM BIGGER!

Who knows, with a little luck you could be the next Steve Jobs…


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