"Stressed Out? Calm is Power…"

Are you stressed out? In today’s fast paced, ever-changing society there is a killer on the loose, a silent killer called stress. Stress is a condition that occurs when we are faced with threatening or unfamiliar situations, challenges, dangers or any unusual demands on our body or mind. We all respond differently to events. What may be a major stressor for one person may cause little or no stress for someone else. The way a person responds to stressors is affected by their physical and mental condition, and whether or not they feel in control of the situation.

While under stress our bodies undergo changes that increase our ability to deal with stressors. The changes are not in themselves harmful, but if the stress goes on for an extended period of time, there are definite negative effects. Stress causes strains on our bodies that can lead to physical and emotional illness such as high blood pressure, ulcers and other stomach disorders, asthma, and heart problems. Prolonged and severe stress depletes our body’s energy supply and can lead to death.

On the surface our lives may appear relatively stress free. However beneath the surface things are not so wonderful. We are a nation of worriers. We worry about everything and everybody, family, friends, money, health employment, relationships, death, etc. It never ends.
Anger is another major stressor. When angry we lose control of ourselves. We feel the need to be demonstrative. We shout, curse, rant and rave, and storm about. This behavior is unhealthy and unbalanced, we need to realize the damage it is doing to our bodies and deal with it, our coping mechanism is not working as it should and it’s killing us. Things have to change, and soon.

There is a solution, but learning to manage our stress takes time and patience. Responses and situations can be changed, but life adjustments have to be made. We have to learn the art of relaxation.
When I first began teaching I had a run in with a student who came on to campus from a neighboring school. All I did was ask him to remove his hat! He proceeded to yell and curse me out and managed to push all my buttons all at once! I was livid! He had me totally stressed! My principal managed to calm me down and gave me some great advice, advice that I still use twenty years later. That advice? Three simple words, “Calm is Power.” I even made a sign with those three words on it and hung it in the back of my classroom where I could see it when teaching. I still have it on a bulletin board in my office. Those three words changed my life not only as a teacher and counselor, but as a man as well. They can change yours as well.

There is tremendous power in calm. When you are able to find a place of calm energy, you will give yourself the ability to be in control of both yourself and the situation. Calm is inner peace a place of answers. You must be willing to work at attaining this state of calm by changing your point of view and managing your emotional responses. Once you have it mastered you will never be the same. I’m not saying you’ll be stress free, but you will be able to manage your stress and maybe, just maybe, add a few extra years to your life as well…

“Calm is Power”…


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