"Summertime Blues"

I’ve got a bad case of the Summertime Blues. Why? Because my summer vacation has come to an end.  I can’t believe it. Summer is over! Where the hell did it go? It seems like summer just began a couple of weeks ago, but eight weeks ago? No way! How could  summer come and go so quickly? Yeah, I returned to my office yesterday and worked all day. I also worked today until 2pm.What a drag.

Although my official return date isn’t until next Monday, the counselors normally come back a couple of days early to check student schedules for errors before they are distributed next week. Although we don’t get paid for our time, we are compensated. I know we come back for the kids, it’s all about the students, and that’s all well and good, but with every summer it becomes more and more difficult to give up two or more of my precious summer days. I enjoy my summers off. I always have.

I don’t really know why I enjoy summer so much I actually find myself working harder at home during my down time than I do in my office. The work I do at school is more cerebral while the work I do at home is simply grunt work. This summer I spent at least five to six hours a day tending to my chores. I spend much of the time working on my backyard drainage system. We discovered that it was severely blocked last year when after one extremely rainy day the drains backed up and flooded the back patio. Eventually water found its way into our bedroom. It was a real mess. I spent a whole lotta hours digging and cutting a ton of surface roots from our Carrotwood trees that border the rear of the property. I had to clear them out to get down to the drainage pipe. We put those drains in
decades ago, followed soon after by the trees.  It was quite a job. Then once I got down to the 3 inch drain pipe I had to clear roots and other debris from inside the pipe and replace several sections, including an eight foot section that had collapsed from the pressure from a long thick root that grew beneath it. It was a lot of work but somebody had to do it. Me!

Yep, this summer I had to work the backyard pretty much alone. I did get some assistance from my youngest son on Saturdays and on days when he was off work early, and my son-in-law also helped out one afternoon, but otherwise it was mostly just me and I worked my ass off! When I wasn’t playing in the dirt I was trimming, cutting, weeding and working on my antique sprinkler system. It’s still giving me problems!

We also made time to clean out the garage this summer and that was a project in itself . We discovered thinks stored high above the rafters that we hadn’t seen in 30 years or more. It was quite an adventure! We managed to make quite a dent in our junk storage problem. Fortunately I had the help off my son, his fiance and my wife on that project. I think my wife only helped so that she could make sure of what I was throwing out, she didn’t want any of those forgotten treasures to get tossed, but I could be wrong.

You know the more I think about it, the better I’m beginning to feel about going back to the office. No more hot, sweaty hours covered in dust and dirt, well fewer hours anyway. There’s still much to do around here. You know how it is, along with the joys of owning your own  home comes a ton of responsibility, the kind that never ends. Yeah working in my air-conditioned office the last couple of days and using my brain instead of my brawn is definitely sounding good, especially on these triple digit days!

I owe, I owe, so it off to work I go! It’s only 192 more work days until summer’s back again! With that in mind I think I can make it. Besides, time flies when you’re having fun!

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