"Take me out to the ball game"

This morning I read an update on the San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten  at Dodger Stadium last week. He remains in critical condition in a medically induced coma with nearly half his skull removed to allow for brain swelling. Meanwhile the two men who attacked him from behind, then brutally kicked and beat him as he lay on the ground unconscious, remain free. The attack was witnessed by several people and the police have received numerous leads, yet no arrests have been made. A hundred thousand dollar reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the attackers and that amount may soon be increasing. Hopefully the increased reward will entice someone to finally come forward. Someone out there knows who did this. The woman driving the car they escaped in certainly does.

It baffles me that anyone can sit quietly by and let these two idiots get away with such a brutal crime. By their silence they are just as guilty as the attackers. What kind of person can, in good conscience, protect such animals? To the person/persons who know these men and refuse to come forward I appeal to your sense of decency. Do the right thing! What if it were your father or other family member laid up in the hospital, wouldn’t you want justice? Wouldn’t you want them punished? Of course you would! Don’t be as cowardly as those two thugs, step up and do the the right, come forward.

Sports related violence is nothing new, but brutal, cold blooded attacks, like this are unwarranted and are not part of the game. Let two teams duke it out on the field, let the fans cheer, yell and boo for the team of their choice from the stands. And when the contest is over, win or lose, it’s over until the next time. For it is after all just a game, not a war.

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