TBT "Life is the Sum of All Your Choices"

The-Game-of-Life-Hi-Res-300x180Have you ever wonder how different your life might be if one life event had turned out differently. For instance, what if I’d decided to go off to college right after high school instead of playing the local junior college game with my friends and wasting my time? How might that have worked out? How different would my life have been?

Or what if I’d never had the balls to take a chance and quit my job and return to college full-time when I did? My wife said I was ready and supported me, but what if I hadn’t been ready and been forced to stay on my job, a job I found boring and challengeless, with no real chance of advancement. Oh I could have become a manager, but with no college that would be it. I’d have had to settle for a modest pay raise and a desk by the window. Wow! How would that have affected my life? Not well, I’m sure. I may have ended up quiting or getting divorced, work was definitely affecting my home life. Believe me I was not a happy camper. In turn I was making my wife and family miserable as well.

What if nearly 40 years ago I had decided not to go to the party where I met my wife. I was nursing a broken heart and almost didn’t go! Perhaps if it was meant to be I might have met her elsewhere, but what if I hadn’t? Would I have married? Who would I have married? What about my kids? My grandkids? Interesting to say the least. It sems that a particular series of events determines our lives. A single decision no matter how trivial we might believe it to be has the potential to trigger a chain of events that have significant ramifications.

And I’m not talking about only major decisions, although I suppose they would be considered major if they changed your life somehow, I’m talking about something as simple as turning left instead of right at the intersection on your morning commute and making some grand discovery that effects your life somehow. Perhaps you’ve been house hunting or looking for a particular color to paint the house, or a tree to plant in the yard, and suddenly there it is! I’m talking about wearing your blue dress instead of the pink one to that job interview, and the HR person who conducts the interview has a thing for blue and absolutely abhors pink, and you get the job! Everthing we do has the potential to alter tomorrow, or next week or next year. We just never know.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not sitting here crying over spilt milk, lamenting my life. I’m actually quite happy with the way things turned out. There are of course a few things I’d like to change, but unfortunately there are no do-overs in the game of Life. I haven’t alway made the right choices, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. No, all I’m saying is that we should all look before we leap. A little caution can go a long way. I’m saying that we should avoid making snap decisions and take a little time, that’s all.

That’s not to say that you can’t be spontaneous, you still can!  If you know what your values and principles are, making any decision becomes relatively easy. So get to know yourself, take the time to establish those values and principles and forget about pleasing anyone but God, yourself and those you love. And remember “Life is the sum of all your choices…”

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