TBT Recollections of a High School Counselor: Teachers Do It With Class – At Least They Used To

Did you hear about the 57 year old, Spanish teacher from Laguna Hills High School who had an ongoing sexual relationship with one of his 16 year old students for over a year? The former teacher was charged with one felony count of luring a child with intent to commit a crime, two felony counts of sexual acts and two misdemeanor counts of annoying or molesting a child. He pleaded guilty last month and was sentenced yesterday to one year in county jail and three years formal probation. He must also register as a sex offender and receive sex offender treatments which he has already begun.

I don’t understand what’s wrong with these moron teachers who carry on with their students? They have to know they are risking their careers as well as facing jail time, not to mention messing with a young impressionable mind, and they do it anyway! Are they really that dense? This Spanish teacher knew. He retired immediately after being contacted by the police about their investigation, a full five months before he was even arrested or charged. Yeah he knew alright. He knew what was coming down.

What the hell was he thinking? Having sex in his classroom during school hours after the other students had left, exchanging messages of a sexual nature with the student through Facebook! Is this guy stupid or what? Did he really think it would remain a secret? He’s lucky to only be getting a year in jail. He deserves a whole lot more! Getting involved with a 16 year old student is just plain wrong on so many levels!

I truly can’t understand what kind of an attraction a 57 year old man could have for a 16 year old girl except an unnatural one? On the flip side what kind of an attraction can a 16 year old girl have for a 57 year old teacher? Was he the father figure she’d been longing for?  Was she the daughter he always wanted, but never had? Wait a minute that image just makes an already sick situation even sicker!

What’s become of the moral standards of teachers? A teacher is a role model and as such should be moral and follow a code of ethics. Their primary responsibility is to educate students and prepare them for the ‘real world’, not undermine society’s values and beliefs. Philandering teacher undermines the efforts of teachers everywhere.

It doesn’t matter how mature a student may look or act, how attracted a teacher may be to them or how close a kinship they may feel with them,  they are still minors! Those teachers who prey on students have no business in the classroom. Avoid the temptation and get the hell out! In this particular case there is a 41 year difference between student and teacher.That’s just wrong. Even if the student was 17 and the teacher 23 or 24, it is still wrong! Teachers are in the classroom to teach, students are there to learn. That is the law of the land. You can certainly have empathy for your students or a particular student but that’s it.  There is no place for intimate, personal relationships between teachers and students.  no place at all…

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