"Television Wasteland"

There’s a destructive force at work in our society today, slowly undermining the very foundation of the American family. Like some deadly cancer, this menace has spread across the land, finding it’s way into 99% of American homes, where it subdues the minds of all who fall victim to her alluring charms. The number of victims is staggering! Over 300 million have succumb to this powerful and persuasive foe. Many are hopelessly addicted to the one-eyed beast we know as our TV.

Big screens, Flat screens, HD, 3D, LED, LCD, DLP, Plasma, My God, the list goes on and on! And they’re everywhere! Just ask any TV junkie, believer me they know. Cars, planes, trains and buses have them. Cell phones, waiting rooms, dressing rooms, elevators, restaurants and yes, even public rest rooms. Just the other evening I walked into the restroom of a local diner and got to relieve myself while watching ESPN. Incredible!

Caught up in the illusion TV junkies sit in front of their sets, day in day out, night after night, transfixed by the glittering images on the screen, oblivious to the fact that while TV rots their minds, life goes on without them. Time doesn’t stop to wait for them. There are no reruns. They can’t Tivo real life and the social interactions they’re missing, You have to be an active participant. the time to act is now!

Don’t get me wrong, TV has some great potential and even in the midst of today’s television wasteland there are a few bright moments. Every now and then the networks surprise us with a truly quality production, but they are few and far between. Rather than simply providing a grand diversion, the networks should strive to educate the masses and stop trying to simply keep them entertained. They have a responsibility to the viewing public. In the meantime more and more minds slip into the television trap, content to watch  the fantasy and folly that the networks provide, watching for hours on end, having the time of their lives… slip away.

If you find that you are being caught up in the television trap, and are rapidly turning into just another couch potato, then the time to act is now! Take a stand! Don’t go on being a TV zombie  trapped in front of the tube night after night, free yourself. Pick up the remote and shut the damn thing off! Get up off your ass and do something meaningful with your time! Don’t put it off another day! The mind you save just might be your own, or maybe your children’s….

Just a thought…


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