The Challenge of Life

images (2)I have long been a student of the proverbial quest for the meaning of life. Since I was a teen my quest for truth and understanding has taken up a considerable part of my life, much more than I ever imagined. Even now the search goes on.

In recent months I’ve found myself thinking more and more about our reason for living and the challenge of living a meaningful life. Perhaps its the rash of funerals I’ve attended already this year that has rekindled my desire for enlightenment and understanding.  Death has a way of making us take time from our busy lives, even if just for a matter of moments, and moves us to contemplate our existence and just how precious our time here really is.  As difficult and painful as death can sometimes be, it renews our way of thinking. Perhaps Coca Cola isn’t really “the pause that refreshes” maybe death is.

There are so many questions that we want answered, not only questions about death but about our life and our very existence. We have deeper, more meaningful questions that have long haunted man such as: What is our purpose for living? Why have we been given this precious gift of life and what if anything are we supposed to accomplish while we’re here? I often wonder why some live’s are marred with so much turmoil and grief while others are not? I can’t begin to understand why some individuals have to suffer so much and for so long? What purpose do these tortured lives serve? I’m sure you have your own set of questions as well. God there are so many damn questions, so much to try and understand. It can certainly be overwhelming. Perhaps that’s why some people just say “screw it,” forsake their quest and content themselves with life’s folly.

There are no clear cut, easy answers. Each of us must find our own degree of peace and understanding. As for myself, I find myself falling back on my faith and the beliefs I hold about God to help me understand.  I believe that everyone’s  life and death serve some greater purpose and are part of God’s plan for all of us. Perhaps those who suffer incredible hardships and arduous lives are meant to serve as an example of what can happen if one’s faith is lost or simply isn’t strong enough, or maybe they are meant to illustrate that we truly do have a free will and our decisions and choices will either make us or break us.

Perhaps death and the manner in which it occurs are meant to be a lesson for all of us, a wake up call to look at our lives and the path we are on, more closely. It’s really all about choices. At some point we all stand at the crossroad of life and have to choose which route we are going to take. One road looks flat, smooth and easy to travel, the other rough, windy and an uphill trek. Many of us choose the easy road, not realizing that in time, the easy road becomes unpaved and full of ruts and potholes, while the difficult road eventually levels out and is as smooth as glass. Those who make the wrong choice often spend the rest of their lives paying for it.

The road to enlightenment and personal growth is not an easy one. If we can find the inner strength and fortitude to press onward and place our trust in God, we can avoid many of the pitfalls, traps and diversions that life throws our way. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the quest for some profound meaning. Perhaps there is no grand purpose that we have been put here to accomplish other than to live, laugh, love and get along with one another. Sometimes the answer is as simple as that. Its all about the choices we make. Exercise good judgement and weigh your options before making your choices and happiness and wisdom are yours for the taking. Life can be truly beautiful… Its up to you…

Just a thought…


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