"The Debt Ceiling: Raising the Roof"

“GOP split on how to Battle Obama” Los Angeles Times  1/19/2013                                  I’m so fed up with crap like this, when’s it going to end? I’m sick and tired of picking up the paper every morning and reading about the dismal state of our nation’s economy and all the bickering and ongoing battles in Congress. It never ends, it’s always something! The great debate rages on and on, debt versus spending, rich versus poor, and what’s in it for our party instead of how do we serve our constituents? What’s best for the American people?

It was just a few short weeks ago that we stood perched on the edge of economic ruin, about to topple over the fiscal cliff while the Democrats and Republicans on the hill sat stalemated on how best to avoid a fall. With their backs against the wall and time expired they yet again managed to somehow put their differences aside for just a moment, reach into their bag of tricks and magically came up with an accord of sorts and we, the people narrowly avoided plummeting over the fiscal cliff.

Talk about a close call! Isn’t it interesting how the fools on the hill can iron something out when put between a rock and a hard place?  However the stop gap measures passed by Congress do little to ease the fears of the American people and were not the long term solution sought by the current administration, which by the way are supported by a vast majority of Americans. No all they did was nothing more than prolong the inevitable. In a few short months we will be right back on the verge of another great fall. Yes, once again they’ve done what they do best, pass the buck.

Raising-the-debt-ceilingThen there was the question of raising the debt ceiling. Actually there was no question at all, it was something that needed to be done. Failing to do so would have put the US in the awkward position of not being able to pay its bills which could have led to the first widespread default in our history. Yesterday Congress did their job and worked together to raise the debt ceiling. Although it is only a three months extension, it is a step in the right direction and give Congress three more months to come up with an agreement on taxes, spending, the budget and the deficit. Budget talks will resume in March and rest assured there will be some real battles. Our economic future rests on the decisions Congress come up with.

Hopefully Republicans learned something from their defeat in the last election? They are in no position to run roughshod over Congress or our country any longer and can’t continue to try and hold our economy hostage. They should be trying to rebuild their party image and make a better impression on all Americans by working together in seeking a compromise solution to our economic woes. But until yesterday that was simply not the case. They began the year by continue with their same old tactics. Yesterday was the exception.  Hopefully the same partisanship that was evident in yesterdays vote will prevail.  Maybe this time they can get things right. There is a workable solution…

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