"Is The Fastest Man With No Legs guilty As Charged?"

The "Blade Runner"

The “Blade Runner”

Have you been following the Oscar Pistorius trial drama at all?  You know Oscar, he’s the legless world class athlete who allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend last year on Valentines Day morning. Now I’m not exactly following him either, but I do find myself checking up on him now and again. I’m really not sure why, except that I find the whole situation a bit intriguing. I mean here’s a guy whose made quite a name for himself as a star runner even though both of his legs were amputated when he was just an infant. Yeah he’s a true media darling. Now the man they like to call the “fastest man with no legs” is on trial for murder. Truth be told I had no idea who the hell Pistourius was until after he shot and killed his lover. Am I bad.

I sure would like to know what really happened that night? There’s no question that Pistourius shot and killed his girlfriend, but did he in fact successfully plot and carry out her murder as prosecutors contend, or was it simply an accident, a case of mistaken identity as he claims? Try as I might I just can’t wrap my mind around Oscar’s recollection of the events of that night. The whole thing sort of stinks to high heaven if you ask me.

According to Pistorius he woke up in the middle of the night, heard a noise coming from the bathroom and became terrified that there was an intruder in the house. Fearing for the safety of his girlfriend and himself, he grabbed his handgun from the night stand and moved towards the bathroom. Once there he shouted at the intruder to get out of the house then in a panic, fired four rounds through the locked bathroom door. Pistorius then returned to the bedroom and noticed that his girlfriend was not in bed. He then goes back and breaks down the bathroom door with a cricket racket, finds his girlfriend bleeding but still alive and carried her downstairs where he tries to revive her. A few moments later she died in his arms. All just a horrible accident.

Okay, I can see things happening that way. It’s plausible. But I have a few questions. Firstly why didn’t he notice that his girlfriend wasn’t in bed when he woke up and got out of bed? Apparently he could see well enough to step out on the balcony to move a fan inside, then grab his gun from the nightstand, so wouldn’t he have noticed that she wasn’t in the bed? A past girlfriend reported that he had awakened her a couple of times under similar circumstances to ask her if she had heard something. Makes me wonder.  Also why was his handgun loaded with high velocity, expanding or hollow point bullets known as “dum – dums.” These bullets are designed to “mushroom” upon entering a target in order to stop it from leaving the body. Compared to regular bullets, expanding bullets are intended to cause maximum tissue damage. How convenient.

I tell you, I’m just not buying his story. There’s something there that troubles me. Even his great acting job in the courtroom, all the tears, the “covering of the eyes” covering his head with documents and yes, even the vomiting, has done nothing to convince me of his innocence. Although when acquitted he may be able to find work as an actor. All his antics do is add to the drama of a very sad incident. I truly believe Oscar has done his fair share of lying and he hasn’t even taken the stand yet! But he’ll be taking the stand soon. That ought to be interesting.  And although there’s been conflicting testimony and his defense team has managed to discredit police handling of evidence, rebuke forensics and pretty much make the police look like a bunch of idiots, I still think the truth is pretty self evident. Surround yourself with a crack team of defense attorneys and anythings possible except maybe justice.It certainly brings to mind the infamous ‘OJ’ trial doesn’t it? Yep, blind justice with a tear in her eye.

Let me ask you isn’t it more likely that Pistorius and his girlfriend had some sort of domestic blowout that night instead of the quiet evening Oscar described? Isn’t it possible that as the argument escalated she, in fear barricaded herself in the bathroom? Some neighbors heard screams, shouts, then gunshots. Perhaps their battle enraged Oscar so much that he did not shoot out of self-defense but intentionally fired the four rounds through the door in a cold blooded attempt to kill her. Nothing presented in the court case thus far has convinced me otherwise. The decision won’t be an easy one. There is no jury so the entire case rests on what one single judge chooses to believe or disbelieves.

There are at least 3 things the judge must ask himself before reaching a decision in the case. First and foremost is whether the couple did indeed argue on the night of the shooting. Mobile phone records may offer evidence that proves they were indeed fighting. Records of her phone contacts or texts have yet to be presented. Also Oscar’s phone records from that night have not been available. Second the judge has to inquire as to why Pistorius didn’t call the police immediately. Was he covering up evidence? One has to wonder since he allegedly told security guards who called his house after hearing gun shots, that everything was fine. And lastly did the police irreparably screw up the crime scene? I mean they investigated the scene  without the correct protective footwear, lost track of ammunition at the scene and made several false assumptions. The treatment of the crime scene may throw the reliability key forensics and material evidence into doubt.

Yes the judge has much to consider in this case. The fate of the “blade runner” is in his hands. Hopefully he will be able to sort fact from fiction and arrive at a fair and just verdict. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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