The Following: Cult's That Kill

Poster-Art-for-The-Following-Season-2 Do you watch “The Following” on Fox? It’s a pretty cool show, Kevin Bacon does a great job as Ryan Hardy the troubled FBI profiler intent on shutting down the cult and capturing its fearless leader Joe Carroll. Now Joe of course is a highly intelligent, charismatic, former professor who just happens to be a cold blooded killer, making him the perfect  cult guru. He has managed to gather an incredible number of sheep like followers willing to die for Joe’s sinister plan. The season was made up of Joe’s people attempting to pull off the murderous plan with Ryan Hardy and his boys in hot pursuit. It ends with the supposed death of Joe.


Cults that Kill

Cults that Kill

Season two  was more of the same, a new cult leader takes charge but is only a puppet for Joe is still alive and continues with his plan. Ultimately Joe is captured and imprisoned. This season Joe is sitting on death row with only days left to live. His cult has shrunken in size and the focus has shifted to a few key individual, remnants of the cult as well as Joe’s mentor and another cold blooded killer intent on exacting revenge on Ryan Hardy. Yeah it’s really quite a good show that touches on a subject we only sometimes read or hear about in the news. Cults are real and cults do kill.

Although we don’t hear about it often, cult crime and cult killings are occurring all the time and is a growing problem in several areas of the country particularly cults who dabble in the occult. As evidence mounts supporting animal sacrifice, mutilations and other satanic acts law enforcement officials are being forced to admit that there is a problem. No longer can we afford to deny the obvious, or have a “it can’t happen here” attitude. It’s happening people. Denial won’t stop it or make it go away.

Although the sharing information on occult crime between law enforcement agencies has improved, it is still seriously lacking. This information needs to be networked by agencies across the nation. Being informed is a key step in fighting occultism. Federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI need to get more involved and spearhead efforts to improve this information network and be a central depository for information. Yes they are making progress and have policies in place, but they should be continually working on it, more should be done.

At the all levels federal, state and local, law enforcement must become more proactive. Police academies and police training centers must devote more class time to occult crime and train officers how to recognize occult crime sites and what to look for. Seminars on occult crime must be conducted for those officers already in the field.  Awareness is the key. I have to wonder how many occult crime scenes were overlooked or chalked up as vandalism because of the inexperience of officers in this area. There is really no excuse. Occult related crime is a growing problem in America. If law enforcement agencies across the land don’t get better organized and take this problem seriously, America may be in for big trouble, and I do mean big. Okay I guess it’s time to step down from my soapbox.

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