"The Fools on the Hill Did it Again"

3_killersadalternet_5You can imagine my surprise when I read the following news banner on Yahoo News this afternoon: Senate rejects gun amendment compromise. What the hell is that all about? After all the recent outcry for stiffer gun control laws the Senate turns around and votes down a key amendment that could have helped keep guns out of the wrong hands. The amendment which would have instituted more thorough background checks on potential buyers was defeated by 6 votes. Those freakin’ fools on the hill ought to be ashamed of themselves! What’s wrong with those idiots?

This amendment would have done nothing to take guns out of the hands of people that already own weapons or ban any particular firearm, it would have simply  extended current background check rules to gun sales made via the internet and at gun shows. How the NRA can possibly view this amendment as a threat to gun owners and a violation of their rights is beyond me. Their argument that it criminalizes private transfers between honest citizens, life-long friends and family members is a load of crap! As is their statement and I quote, “As we have noted previously, expanding background checks, at gun shows or elsewhere, will not reduce violent crime or keep our kids safe in their schools.” I beg to differ. If those background checks prevented even just one person from getting their hands on a gun and using it to shoot and kill someone, it would be worth having in place. This amendment was a step in the right direction.

So what’s it going to take to get our representatives to take action and do something about current gun laws? How many more shootings like that of  former Representative Gifford, the theater shooting in Aurora and  Sandy Hook must occur before the talking heads on the hill see the light and do something about gun reform? I tell you I’m sick and tired of the NRA and gun lobbyist dictating gun law to our representatives. The NRA has the ‘fools on the hill’ in their hip pocket and until that changes gun laws will never change. The defeat of this amendment serves to prove just how powerful the NRA and gun lobbies really are. Today their power was felt on the hill, not only did they succeed in getting the background check amendment defeated, but other gun bills as well. Also defeated were a bill banning  assault weapons and a bill banning  high-capacity gun magazines. Clearly a victorious day for the NRA, but a shameful day for America.

All I can say is the NRA be damned! Yeah that’s right and I’m a gun owner! As such I believe as does the NRA that it is our fundamental right to bear arms but I do not believe that right includes the transfer of ownership of our weapons to whoever we want, whenever we want  without a thorough background check? We need safeguards in place that make all Americans feel secure. Today 3 of those potential safeguards went down in defeat and we are left wondering why. Why our representatives continue to be more concerned with self-interest rather than what is best for our society. As the president said It is a shameful day in Washington, a truly shameful day…

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