"The Hypocrisy of Government Spending"

dont-yell-at-your-kids1Who woulda thunk it? A recent scientific study shows that yelling at your kids is as damaging as hitting them. That’s right, when it comes to disciplining children words and the belt  do the same damage to a child’s psyche. According to the study, verbal abuse such as berating, belittling and insulting your children simply erodes a parents power and does absolutely nothing to reduce or correct negative behavior and only serves to makes it worse.  Harsh verbal discipline which makes your child feel worthless or useless causes even more unacceptable behavior and possibly even depression.  Children don’t get a sense of authority from someone who is yelling at them. Instead they are simply traumatized and afraid they are going to be hurt in exactly the same way as a child who is hit as a form of discipline.

The study goes on to say that  yelling is an indication of dysfunction, frustration, helplessness and a loss of control, and suggest that parents need to make positive changes in disciplining children becoming less punitive and more authoritative. If you lose your composure and yell at your children, you need to acknowledge your error in judgement as soon as possible so as to solidifying your trustworthiness and good judgment in your children’s eyes. They suggest that a more effective and positive way to deal with disciplinary issues is to restrict a child from activities or take away privileges rather than yelling and shaming them so that our children will develop into strong, healthy and well adjusted adults.

Okay, so what did we really learn from this study? Is there really anything new here that we haven’t heard before? I think not.  I believe I first heard this same data back in the late 80’s when I first began teaching and the big push at that time was developing a student self-esteem. But remember this is a new, recent study. A lot of time and money went into it. And the result? A rehash of facts we’ve known for decades. What a waste.

The-U.S.-Government-Giving-Money-To-People-To-Help-Them-Pay-Their-MortgagesWhat the hell would we do without these scientific studies huh? Apparently we learn so much from them that the federal government is willing to  spend billions of dollars each year on research and development. And when I say billions I don’t mean a measly ten or twenty billion, I’m talking nearly $377 billion last year alone! Now don’t get me wrong research and development is important and large amounts of money is being spent on useful medical and scientific research and pertinent studies that will benefit the American people, but there is so much money being wasted on studies like the one above that offer us nothing new, studies and research that borders on the ridiculous!

Even as our national debt spirals out of control into the trillions of dollars the government still manages to waste billions on senseless studies. For instance how about a $600,000 study last year to figure out why chimpanzees throw poop or a $600,000 study as to why cows burp. How about $ 3 million spent to help fund research into video games to study “emerging forms of communication in multiplayer games.” Or how about a nearly $500,000 dollar study on the behavior of male prostitutes in Vietnam? I gotta ask, who really cares?

Then there’s the $3.6 million dollar study of dope smoking menstruating monkeys! Yeah that right,  for the last ten years researchers have been getting monkeys to smoke and drink drugs such as PCP, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine and then studying their behavior, including during the female monkeys menstrual cycles. Basically the results of the study were that monkeys who smoke drugs get high even during their menstrual cycle and similar in nature to findings reported n studies of human subjects. What a colossal waste! This money could have been better spent on research on other health related issues or been used towards poor unemployed and underpaid workers who can’t afford to buy medication or proper medical care. I tell you the whole R&D thing is a joke.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. there are so many ridiculous studies that are a complete waste of taxpayers money. there’s been research into some pretty bizarre shit like a study methane gas emissions from dairy cows. Farts? Really? I tell you some of this studies are just downright stupid. In addition to these senseless studies there are also billions of dollars in funding for things like the neon sign museum in Las Vegas who received nearly $2 million dollars, the $2 billion U.S. farmers are given yearly for not farming their land, the $25 billion spent each year by the Fed to maintain federal buildings across the nation that are either vacant or unused and the millions wasted on unnecessary training and printing costs. Again this is just the tip of the iceberg. The list of wasteful government spending goes on and on, a never ending cycle of waste and misuse of public funds. But then what else is new…

Granted even if the government were to stop this useless research and funding  the savings would barely put a dent in our national debt, but needless to say the billions of dollars that are wasted each year could certainly be better spent elsewhere and benefit the many instead of the few.

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