"The Presidential Race"

Election Day USA! Our opportunity to make our voices heard as we cast our ballots for the next president of the United States and decide the fate of politicians and propositions across the country. It’s what we call the Democratic Process, but it’s really nothing more than another lesson in futility, for no matter who we vote in, Democrat or Republican, we simply continue to get more of the same. Yep, the more things appear to change the more they stay the same.  It takes a hell of a lot more than campaign promises and high hopes to change a nation.

Besides I believe the presidential election process is pointless. the Electoral college has pretty much taken our vote and placed it on the back burner while the Electoral votes are the real determining factor. The “winner take all” system employed by most states which   awards all electors to the winning presidential candidate of each state is not a true representation of what the American people want. Yet only two states have adopted a system that awards Electoral Votes based on proportional representation. Yeah our electoral system is outdated and seriously flawed. 

That was made apparent in the controversial election of 2000 with the whole hanging chad and Florida debacle. I tell you the whole ordeal left a very bad taste in my mouth. It was a very closely fought race and the Democrat Al Gore went on to win the popular vote but still lost the election to Bush. It’s only the fourth time in our nation’s history that this has happened and the first time ever that the Supreme Court was called upon to step in, and decide the fate of the presidential election. Since all of the judges are politically appointed and are known to have declared political allegiances, Republican judges appointed during the Reagan and Bush Sr terms  definitely placed the political balance in George W. Bush’s favor. He couldn’t lose. The election of 2000 was the closest race in history both in popular vote totals and electoral vote totals. Only 5 electoral votes separated the candidates.   

Could the same thing happen this time around? You betcha! This contest will be too close to call and the outcome won’t be known until the bitter end. Anything could happen. Romney could win the popular vote will Obama gets the majority of the electoral college or vice-versa, but the odds are  more likely that Romney would win the popular vote and lose in the Electoral College than Obama winning the popular vote and losing the Electoral College. The likelihood that  the popular and electoral vote will go to one candidate as they have in most presidential elections are a real possibility, but the chances of a split like the one in 2000 are very real. It could happen! We’ll know soon enough.

I tell you, talk is cheap, as is all the campaign rhetoric, but elections sure aren’t. Do you know that the total spending on the presidential and congressional races this year could set a new record  at nearly $6 billion. That’s right $6 billion dollars! Unreal! Is it really worth that kind of money to win a seat in Government? Are the perks really that good? Must be for that kind of investment. It may not be good for the country, but it must be good for those elected to office.  May the best man win. Check that, may the lesser of two evils prevail…

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