"There's a Place"

This ones for the men!  
“There is a place,
Where I can go,
When I feel low,
When I feel blue.”
The Beatles

All men needs a little place of their own, where we can go for a little alone time, a grown up time out. A cave would do nicely,     a ‘man cave’!

Some men may have a den, study or game room in their homes but in most cases they are not what you would call a true man cave because they are not isolated enough from the rest of the house and are usually decorated in keeping with the theme of the house. What a man cave provides is a place somewhat removed from the rest of the house and free from the soft, subtle feminine touches we contend with elsewhere in our homes.

A genuine man cave is typically a place where a man can go to relax. It’s a personal sanctum where men can be men! Where they can do man things! A basement, attic garage, or shed do quite nicely. With a minimum of effort they can be converted into the perfect get away. And remember: size doesn’t matter. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Any space will do as long as it meets the requirements and provides you the peace and solitude you’re looking for.

A typical man cave has a flat screen TV and audio system for music, sports and movies, a refrigerator full of ice cold beer and a sofa or recliner to kick back in. Larger caves will have more, but it’s all window dressing. As I said before, it about having a place that you can go to, it’s about getting away!  Hell, a bathroom sized room will work if it does the job. For several years my vehicles were my man cave. If I were upset or just needed a little r&r away from the wife, kids, or life in general, I’d jump in the car, crank up the sounds and go for a long drive. I still enjoy going for a drive, but these days I just head for my man cave.

The decor of a man cave is all man! Sports and cars are the general rule, but your hobbies and interests can also be the theme. My own man cave isn’t much. It’s actually a small work/tool room that my son and I built on the side of the house. He’s the one who dubbed it the man cave. And it is, it serves the purpose. It’s my refuge my personal sanctuary. I like spending time in it surrounded by my tools. It’s good for the soul.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough room for a sofa or recliner, and I don’t have a big flat screen tv or stereo, but I do have a small tv and my IPOD player and a place for my laptop, they do quite nicely. I hope to have a small fridge by summer, but like I said it’s all about the get away.  Besides I’ve got room to add-on if need be….                                            a small sofa would be nice….

Just a thought….


Would love to hear about your man caves, if you care to share!

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