Throwback Thursday: "It's All About Choices"

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”                                                                                                                                    H. Norman Schwarzkopf  

Life is all about making choices. It’s about reaching decisions and being prepared to live by those decisions. I’m not talking about the countless day to day choices we make through the course of our life, in the big picture they are inconsequential and have little effect on our journey or our true purpose for living. These lesser choices and decisions are nearly automatic and require little or no deliberation.

nMY32XVThen there are those life changing choices we are confronted with, choices that have the power to rock our world and make a difference. Those decisions that cannot be taken lightly and must be made with diligence. The choices we mull over for hours on end. The ones we analyse, scrutinize, ruminate and ponder. The ones that eat us up into the wee hours of the morning, haunting our every waking moment and invading our dreams. I remember several times in my life standing at the bathroom mirror looking at my reflection and trying to make a decision. Call me crazy, but sometimes I’d stand there talking to myself debating the pros and cons of a particular decision, but then these are the decisions that might make or break us, so we feel compelled to make the right choice.

Well I’m here to tell you that when it comes to making major life choices, there is seldom a right or wrong, there is only the choice you make and the results and consequences that accompany your choice. If you’ve thought about it long and hard, weighed your options, are comfortable with your decision and are able to live with it, then you’ve made a good choice and that’s all that really matters. Only others will view your decision as right or wrong and what other people think simply doesn’t matter. If your decision works out for the best, wonderful, if it doesn’t, then you learn from it and move on.

The only right or wrong of the matter as it applies to you has to do with the decision making process itself. The right thing to do is to weigh your options carefully and take the time necessary to make a good decision. The wrong thing to do is to make a choice too quickly. A rash decision could be a disastrous. Take an adequate amount of  time, but don’t take too long. If you put off making the decision for too long there’s a chance you could lose the opportunity to make that particular choice forever. Indecision is an opportunity killer my friends, don’t fall victim to it. Don’t be one of those procrastinators who let opportunity slip away.In my own experience it isn’t the important decisions I’ve made that I find myself regretting, instead it is the decisions I didn’t make in a timely manner and the opportunities that I missed because of it, that I regret the most.

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