Throwback Thursday: "Life is But a Dream?" 1/30/2012

It was much too hot yesterday afternoon to be working in the yard so I decided to stay in the house and continue working on one of my old computer hard drives. I’ve been trying to clear up some space on it and been going through a ton of files. As much as I’d like to get through them all and be organized, it seems I never will. So far I’ve opened up about 55gb’s of space. My music files are just about done now. I couldn’t believe I had 4 or 5 copies of the same music in different folders just taking up space! Now I’m down to a single copy of each song plus a back-up on another hard drive. Not an easy job when you’ve got thousands of music files. Now I just need to get my folders in order and I’ll be done, with the music files that is.

Yesterday instead of working on the music folders I decided to work on my personal files. Man, I’ve got a shitload of writing! I’ve got songs, poems, short stories and essays dated back to 1968, and a smattering of each that are in various stages of completion. All kept with the hope that I would one day get back to them and finish them up. Some have been on hold for decades.  Oh well.

untitledOne of the folders I worked on contained miscellaneous short essays, random thoughts, notes and story starts. Some as short as a sentence or two, others pages long. It made for some fun reading. I gotta tell you it was pretty interesting to see where my head was at during different phases of my life. I decided to break the writing down into four categories, Love & Happiness  Happiness,  Lost Love & Heartache, Dreams & Wonder and Crazy Shit. What really caught my attention were these two cross-over pieces that I had trouble labeling so I had to file them under two categories: dream&wonder and crazy shit.

The first was a poem titled “Summer  Nights Vendetta.” It read like some Jim Morrison acid trip poetry or something! Yeah it was pretty bizarre! It’s about some nightmarish armor clad wraiths on winged hell beasts who spread terror across the land and murder and ravage for sport. It seemed out of character for me. I couldn’t begin to tell you where my head was at or what condition it was in when I wrote it. Strange.

The second poem is something I wrote back in 1981 simply called “Journey”. This one peaked my interest. Mostly because I remember writing it. The basic premise of the poem: “Is Life but a  a dream?” Why this dream-life concept was on my mind in 1981 I have no idea. It must have been something I read or maybe a movie or TV show that inspired it, but the only movie I remember seeing around that time that had anything to do with dreams was Cheech & Chong’s ‘Nice Dreams’  and we all know that’s about marijuana day dreams. Huh, I guess there could be a connection. I also remember seeing the movie ‘Body Heat’ back in 81, starring a very hot Kathleen Turner. Not sure what that has to do with what we’re talking about, but it was a memorable movie and it did get me dreaming.  I figure it must have been an old Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode that triggered the notion. It is kind of trippy. I really don’t know.

The poem is called “The journey.” It’s about our life journey and the daily events that shape our lives. It begs the question “Could it all be a dream?” “Are we really who we think we are or are we who we dream we are?” Is it possible that everything we experience in our lifetime  is just part of a dream or maybe even a nightmare we are having while in REM sleep, and the lives we think we are living are actually only seconds or minutes long? Isn’t it remotely possible that we might awaken to discover that we are actually decades younger or even still children. Wouldn’t that be a trip? Imagine sitting up in your bed or easy chair scratching your head thinking “Wow! What a crazy ass dream!”

Okay, I know the concept is out there a ways or as John Denver was fond of saying, “Far Out!” But hey it’s a theory! You can’t disprove it can you? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure you can understand why I had to file these two poems  under dreams and also under crazy shit! Oh well I can’t wait to get back to organizing my files who knows what else I might find! Keep on dreaming…

Just a Thought…

If you’re interested here’s a portion of the poem.


Journey through time and space.                                                                                              Seeking answers to questions better left unasked.                                                                     Seeing things as they were meant to be seen                                                                               and never really knowing why                                                                                                           or if they ever really happened.

Am I, who I am?                                                                                                                                        Am I who I dream I am?                                                                                                                         Is reality a state of mind?                                                                                                                   An endless illusion projected from somewhere within?                                                             Or from somewhere out there….

A dream is but a wink of an eye                                                                                                     and yet in those collections of seconds                                                                                              it is possible to live entire lives.                                                                                                 Sweet, happy lives filled with friends and family.                                                                     Sad, lonely lives of despair, fear and hopelessness                                                                   And with each instance we learn and grow.                                

Perhaps we only dream these lives,                                                                                                    retaining the memories, remnants of a thousand dreams….                                                     So if   by chance we should awaken from the dream                                                                 Our dreams will be our guide                                                                                                            as we journey on…

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