Throwback Thursday: The Dumbing Down of America

images-1-300x117Despite the extraordinary progress made by mankind this last century, the scientific and technological breakthroughs, the medical advancements, and the never-ending string of inventions that have made our lives so much easier, the fact remains that a disproportionate number of our population are a bunch of  dimwitted, feeble minded, idiots! I know that sounds pretty harsh and I’m sorry, but the facts are facts, there are a shitload of genuinely, stupid people out there. The evidence is overwhelming. You’re always seeing these morons on the nightly news or in the local newspapers, they’re always doing something stupid. And if you’d like to see a whole bunch together just take to the local streets and freeways, I guarantee you’ll find your fair share of idiots there.

Being stupid or moronic, is usually associated with being uneducated but that is not the case. A vast number of the stupid among us have their high school diplomas and many even have college degrees, but that doesn’t change a thing, they’re still idiots! Educated idiots. Take the ‘fools on the hill’ in Washington or any state capitol for instance. Those educated idiots do all manner of stupid things and worse yet, they do it as a group. Stupid is as stupid does. Yeah, the stupids are out there, they walk among us and  there is no way to know you’re in the presence of a truly stupid person until they say or do something stupid. They look exactly like normal, everyday people. There is no telltale sign or clue as to their state of mind  so you have to be on your guard at all times or risk getting caught up in their foolishness.

Remember when we were kids we could always tell who the stupid person was in the cartoons. They were always funny looking with exaggerated  features like a big nose, big ears or wide rolling eyes. They always had a foolish grin or laugh that revealed buck teeth or missing teeth, and of course they talked funny. Yeah they were always easy to spot. If only it were that easy to recognize them in the real world, it would sure make things a whole lot easier. Instead it’s more like a scene from “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” remember that one about the strange pods that fell from space near a town in Northern California and slowly began to take over peoples minds and bodies. You couldn’t tell who had been infected because they looked and acted the same. Seems we’re turning into a society of stupid ‘pod’ people. I guess that would make us stu-pod people.

dumb-americaDid you ever watch Leno’s “Jay Walking” segments on the Tonight Show. He would walk through the streets asking people questions about a variety of subjects or current events. Although it was good for a laugh, it was also shocking to see how little the average person actually knows or understands. Jimmy Kimmel also does a segment on his late night show called “Lie Witness News” where people on the are also asked questions. Again it’s shocking to see how ignorant people are. Last week they were asked if they liked Obama’s new look (ear rings), the appropriateness of Biden telling Putin a “Yo Mamma” joke, and  whether the Obama’s should circumcise their new son? As hard as it is to believe people actually give serious responses to these dumb questions! Now I realize it probably took hours to gather enough dumb responses for the segment, but for this particular set of absurd questions it should have taken weeks at least!  Yeah the stupid are out there alright!

I know you’re probably don’t think this is a big deal, but it is! A few weeks ago Kimmel asked people for their reaction to a Martin Luther King speech supposedly delivered that morning. 7 out of 14 people responded to the question as if they’d seen and heard the speech that morning and remarked on the speech as well as how King looked. One even suggested that King take better care of himself, maybe even hit the gym! Kings died in 1968 people! I tell you friends we’ve got a real problem! Stupidity is rampant.

Talk about stupid people, how about the idiots who are using the drug desomorphine, street name Krokidil which eats the flesh of its users. Currently Krokidil is being billed as the deadliest drug in the world. The drug has been around since the 1930’s but became popular in Russia about 10 years ago because it mimics the effects of heroin but is much cheaper. A dose of heroin is about $20 while a hit of Krokodil can be had for a just few dollars. It gets its street name from the fact that it turns flesh dark and scaly like a crocodile. The drug is mixed with paint thinner or gasoline, hydrochloric acid  and phosphorus from match heads, then injected. There have recently been some cases of its use here in the US. Come on! You have to be pretty stupid to mess with this stuff and there are plenty of stupid people who will give it a try. Pretty sad.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting tired of stupid people doing and saying dumb things. Certainly the world of academia isn’t helping matters any. For more than a decade our students have been exhibiting a weak grasp of basic science, history and geography. Reading is at an all time low I guess students are too damn busy with their cell, phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Music is also to blame. Most kids as young as seven or eight can rattle of music lyrics as if they’d written them themselves, but stumble over words when trying to read. Many prominent people believe the common core curriculum is to blame, it’s restrictive and curtails educators effectiveness and creativity. Common Core seems to be a major factor in what scientist Carl Sagan and others call the “Dumbing Down of America.”

I tell you, ‘common core’ and ‘no child left behind’ have had their chance in our schools and have failed miserable. Since 2002 NCLB has been the law of the land for education and has not increased academic performance significantly. Instead it has damaged the quality  and equity of education and we continue to fall further and further behind other nations. Our nation is dumber than ever. The time has come for the educational pendulum to swing the other direction. Change is long overdue. We need to admit failure and return to a more effective means of not only educating our youth but supporting our neediest students as well, before its too late.  This current dumbing down process has got to stop. Let’s make it a priority! I’m tired of stupid. Aren’t you?

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