"Traffic Jam City, Roll With It"

Wouldn’t you know, I was stuck in rush hour traffic yet again this morning. When I say stuck I mean stuck! I was at a dead stop for several minutes and I wasn’t even on the freeway! It figures I take surface streets to avoid the freeway madness and run into a surface street nightmare!
It seems that the city workers decided that today at 7:00AM was the perfect time for a little tree trimming. They had one of two westbound lanes shut down and as if that wasn’t bad enough a string of ‘last minute Louis’ stayed in the right lane until they were nearly on top of electronic flashing arrow that blocked the lane. Hell you could see that arrow from half a mile away, but you know those Louis that rather try and gain a few car lengths  then force themselves back into traffic! Inconsiderate a-holes!
It was became pretty obvious that something had gone wrong up ahead, we hadn’t moved an inch in like twenty minutes! Okay maybe seven or eight minutes, but it felt like twenty. A few cars began making u-turns and sped past me headed east looking for a way around the mess. But like the fool that I am I decided to hold my place a little longer and moved slowly forward as more cars turned around. It was awful! I decided I’d better call work and let them know I was going to be a little late.
I sat there drumming my thumbs against the steering wheel thinking about joining the u-turn club repeating my keep cool mantra, “Calm is power, Roll with it, Calm is power, roll with it,” when in my mirror I saw a police car with its overhead flashers on, approaching on the wrong side of the street. Behind it were two big white trucks. A few seconds later they drove passed me and I could guess what had happened up ahead. Both trucks were from So Cal Edison! Obviously some tree trimming, half-wit had brought a branch down and snared a power line. Perfect. Just what I needed.
Thankfully I had left enough room between my car and the car ahead so I was able to make a quick  u-turn. In my mirror I watched as several cars followed suit. We were all looking for a way out! I drove east for about a mile, turned right and God forbid, got on the freeway!
I stayed in the slow lane and it only took me about five minutes to travel the one mile to the first off-ramp. From there it took me about ten more to get to work. I was not a happy camper. It seems like it’s always something.  I know there is no diabolical plot to disrupt my drive to work each day, I know that tree trimmer hadn’t planned to snag a power line, but of course he did and I just happened to be there to get stuck in the aftermath. Hey, but there’s only three and a half more years until I can retire. I think I can hang on that long. I hope I can.
I wonder what it will be tomorrow, broken waterline? Fallen tree? Stalled vehicle? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see!
“Calm is Power, Roll With It!”

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