Trump vs Clinton: One for the Ages


"Our country needs a truly great leader  and we need a truly great leader now!"  D. Trump

“Our country needs a truly great leader and we need a truly great leader now!” D. Trump

Well GOP, like it or not, looks like Donald Trump’s your man, your Presumptive Nominee. Did you ever really believe there was another candidate who could stop the Donald? I mean really? Come on, Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Carson and good old boy Jeb Bush never had a chance against an old snake oil salesman like Trump. Not even the brutal attack by Mitt Romney back in March in which he called Trump a fraud and a racist could slow down the Trump Express!  The Donald was relentless and unstoppable. He dominated the debates, bullied his way to the top and never looked back. Now he’s headed to the GOP Convention where, barring some twisted turn of events or back room shenanigans, he will be named the Republican presidential candidate.

Last June when Trump’s announced his entrance into the presidential race many people thought it was a joke. How could anyone take Trump’s presidential bid seriously?  I mean the man himself is a joke, a narcissistic, racist loudmouth. Definitely not the qualities we’ve come to expects from world leaders. It could never happen. I suppose we should have learned by now, never say never. Trump in all his arrogance and brashness, has won the game. The man is for real. It seems the joke was on us all along, there’s no one laughing now.

The Clinton – Trump Race for the White House should be an interesting one. Both candidates are thick skinned and well versed in the art of deception which should make them very formidable adversaries. Two practiced mudslingers going toe to toe. Yeah it’s going to get ugly folk and promises to be one of the nastiest elections in history, a real battle, a no holds barred, anything goes, good old fashion street brawl. Neither candidate will be pulling their punches, no way. I’m pretty sure Hillary will be working to bring out the worst in Trump in hopes that he will be his own worst enemy and go too far on racism and other issues, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was Hillary, Trump has a way of bouncing back from his tasteless, off the cuff, comments and proven so over and over again. Just when you think he’s gone too far and is about to self destruct, he comes back stronger and nastier than ever. He’s definitely on a roll.

November is a long ways off and anything can happen. Both candidates need to approach this race with caution. A sloppily run campaign on either side could mark the end of the race. It’s theirs to lose.  Early election models and polls seem to give the edge to Hillary but not by a very wide margin. However one of the most accurate and respected election forecasting tools says that Donald Trump will go on to win the 2016 presidential election, and by a fairly comfortable margin. But even the models creator has his doubts about the results and believes it will be wrong this year. Election models are based on the 17 presidential elections held since WWII. These models can be valuable tools as long as the election is similar to past elections in terms of campaigns, party ties and the candidates qualities, which means we can throw out the models this time around because this election is sure to be unlike any we’ve experienced before. Trump will make sure of that.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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