"Two and a Half Men: Walden's a Wimp!"

Okay, I know that after I watched the first episode of Two and a Half Men this season, I swore that I would never watch it again because without Charlie Sheen’s character it was no longer the show I’d grown to love. Well I lied.

Monday night curiosity got the best of me and I found myself tuning in for a second look. What I found confirmed my original assessment of the show. Episode 5 entitled “A Giant Cat Holding a Churro” was awful! There really wasn’t much at all to laugh about in this stinker and was actually pretty lame! What the hell happened? When Charlie left did he take the good writers with him? I mean we all know that even with Charlie the show has been on the decline since last season, but now it’s completely bottomed out. Makes me glad I missed episodes 2,3 & 4. Barring a resurrection of Charlie from the dead, I don’t think anything Lorre tries can save the show at this point.

The addition of Ashton Kutcher has done nothing to improve the quality of the show. His Walden Schmidt character comes across as a complete dork! and for supposedly being smart he acts pretty dense. Hell, he makes Charlie seem like a freakin’ Rhodes Scholar by comparison! Okay, that may be stretching it a bit I admit, but Walden would be better served if they changed his name to Waldo and dressed him in a tri-pointed floppy hat with bells, brightly colored  clothing and pointed shoes to match. He may as well look the fool he’s playing. At least Charlie was never the village idiot! Alan maybe but never Charlie.

Face it, Walden’s a Wimp! Charlie was never wimpy!  One wimp on the show(Alan) is plenty. Walden is just plain pathetic. I never thought Ashton was much of an actor anyway and I never really cared for his Kelso character on ‘That 70’s Show’, but here he is again as Walden in all his ignorance and simplicity with nothing more than a name change. Hell, I think  Topher Grace could have done a better job than Ashton!

Sorry Lorre, you’ve succeeded in blowing up your own show. Ashton/Walden is a bust! Get smart and throw the show a lifeline. Pump some new pizzazz into it. Hire some new writers, come up some entertaining, non-moronic scripts and do something about have Walden. Maybe you could have him fall in front of a speeding train or something!   Should have gone with Stamos!  I’m just saying…

Just a Thought…


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