"Viva Las Vegas" pt 2 (Going to the Chapel)

Looking to get married soon but wanna avoid the hassle of an elegant church style wedding and reception, and have some great fun as well? Know where you can go and have a traditional marriage ceremony or a custom ceremony any hour of the day or night, any day of the week? Know where you can get a wedding package with names like “The Cherish,” “The Ignite,” “The Dream Come True,” “The Indulge,” “The Married by Elvis” and my favorite, “The You Can’t Fool Me” wedding special.

Know where you can get married  inside, outside, poolside, or just about anywhere you wish, for a low of $79 to $10,000 and up? You can even do a drive through if you want! You probably guessed, it’s Las Vegas, the wedding capital of the world! Las Vegas weddings are available for all styles, budgets and locations. It’s no surprise over a hundred thousand couples get married in Vegas each year.

A Vegas wedding was the primary reason for our recent trip this past weekend. Seeing Donny and Marie was just an added bonus. We were there to attend the wedding of my eldest son’s ‘brother from another mother,’ and close friend Nate. Nate lived with us for a few months while waiting for my son’s escrow to close then rented a room from him for a few years before moving back to Oregon. He and his fiance Jennifer flew down from Oregon Thursday night and tied the knot on Saturday.

We were really looking forward to meeting Jennifer and attending the ceremony. Ray and I had only been to one other Vegas wedding a few years ago, but it was held quite a ways from the strip in a very large wedding facility. This wedding took place in a small chapel on North Las Vegas Blvd where every other building is a wedding chapel or bail bonds office. Well, it wasn’t the Elvis look-alike wedding I’d always heard about and wanted to attend, but it was a very traditional and beautiful ceremony. My son John and his wife Suzanne stood up for them. The bride was beautiful. She is a very sweet young woman. Nate is a very lucky man. Congratulations Nate & Jennifer Jasper!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness!

While were on the subject of weddings, on this particular trip we also had the good fortune of meeting up with a couple, Robert and Jennifer, from Denver who are getting married this year on 11/11/11, the day after our anniversary! Like us, they were indulging in a few pitchers of delicious micro brew at the Sin City Brewery Bar at the Flamingo. We got to talking and hit it off right away. We ended up spending a couple of hours with them. Ray and Jennifer were instantly connected when they discovered that they had dental assisting in common. We had an awesome time. I’d like to tell you more about our encounter but you know what they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…”





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