"We Was Robbed!"

We was robbed! Can you believe it? That’s right, Thursday night someone walked into our garage in the wee hours of the morning and ripped us off! Fortunately they didn’t break into the house! Of course, I inadvertently made it easy for them by leaving the damn garage door open! Let me explain. Around 11:35pm just after watching the news I decided to go out and put the 2012 tags on my wife’s car that had come in the mail before going to bed. I figured I might as well do while it was on my mind. In retrospect I guess I should have waited until the morning.

To get to the license plate I had to open the double garage door. When I finished applying the sticker I headed back inside and pushed the button to close the garage door.  Unfortunately when I pushed the ‘close ‘ button it didn’t make good contact so the door remained open as I went into the house. We’ve had trouble with the button before and I’d been meaning to replace it, but like a lot of other things that need doing around here I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Around 4AM my son got up to take the dogs out and went out front by way of the garage and discovered the open door. He looked around a bit, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, so he took the dogs out front then came in a few minutes later making sure the garage door was closed first. My wife asked him what he was doing and he told her he’d taken the dogs out. He also told her about finding the garage door open and thought maybe he or his fiance might have left it open. Not wanting anyone to be blamed for my mistake I spoke up before my wife could say anything more and told them that I must have left it open when I went out to put on her tags.  Of course I was scolded a bit for my carelessness and reminded that I had done it before, and how dangerous it is, but then, thankfully things quieted down and I went back to sleep. Only later did I realize that perhaps I should have kept my big mouth shut!

In the morning all hell broke lose! Around 7AM my wife went out to the garage to leave for my daughters house as she does each weekday morning. No sooner had she walked out that she came charging back in shouting about getting ripped off!  She was crazy upset! Someone had gotten in her car and taken her fanny pack with a $10 roll of quarters from the front seat, her blue tooth ear piece, Garmin portable  GPS, and cell phone charger!  She’d also checked my car and said that my GPS had been taken. I checked my car and my cell phone charger as well as a dollar bill that was in my ash tray were missing, but my GPS hadn’t been in the car. I had brought it in earlier in the week to update it.

For reasons beyond my understanding the fact that her’s was stolen and mine wasn’t!  seemed to upset her even more! I tried to calm her down but to no avail, she was pissed! And of course her anger was aimed full force at me because after all, it was me who left the door open! It was all my fault! Hell, it was as though I’d done it deliberately or something.! In frustration she finally just climbed in her car said a few things I couldn’t understand and hauled ass down the street. She even managed to burn rubber with her little CRV! Impressive!

I checked around the garage to see if anything else might be missing, but didn’t notice anything. My son came out and joined me in looking around and discovered that his computer backpack had also been taken, thankfully it was empty. He’d put it in the garage because my other son’s dog had chosen to pee on one of the carrying straps. He said he’d tried cleaning it but that it still smelled. At least who ever took it will have to put up with the smell. We also think that the automobile battery charger was taken but aren’t sure. I may have lent it out or one of the family may have borrowed it. Still checking on that one.

My wifey got home around 8:30AM to drop off the baby because she was helping a friend with a yard sale. Needless to say, her anger had not subsided one bit. She had a few choice things to say to me then took off again in a huff. I quickly shot her a text “Wow! Really?” I received no reply. In fact I don’t think she spoke to me at all on Friday!

My son and I didn’t know what to make of her reaction. Sure we got ripped off, but hell, it wasn’t the end of the world, it could have been so much  worse. Besides, as I had just recently said in my blog, when “shit happens” you deal with it. I know part of her anger was because she had bought herself the GPS just last year and being the great shopper she is she’d gotten quite a bargain on it, but a phone charger and GPS are easy to replace.

We made a list of the missing items then called the Sheriff Department to file a report. We talked about filing an insurance claim but with a $250 deductible it wasn’t worth it. Besides we just filed a claim a couple of weeks ago for my son’s car accident. I really don’t need to be filing another so soon. As we walked back into the house my son asked me if I was going to work. Actually I had hurt my back a few days earlier and had already planned to take Friday off for a little R&R, but I feigned being upset and dramatically put the back of my hand to my forehead. “No, I’m much too traumatized to go to work now,” I told him, “I feel so violated by the whole ordeal I think I’ll stay home.” We both had a good laugh.

Later I went on Amazon and  found a replacement for the GPS. I even paid the extra money for next day /Saturday delivery. It was well worth it. Now all I need to find is a cell phone charger and a black leather fanny pack! Believe me, I’m looking!  Life goes on….

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