"Welcome Home"


"Welcome home!"

While driving home last Friday madly pushing buttons on my radio searching for something to listen to besides the idle chatter of morning deejays, I finally tired of pushing  and began turning the dial in hope that some lesser known station would be playing something worth listening to. Well it didn’t take long. No sooner did I turn the dial that I heard the sweet refrain of ‘Welcome Home’ by Michael W. Smith, a beautiful song about being welcomed to your heavenly home. As I listened I began thinking about my brother. “Welcome Home” was one of the songs we played for his funeral service.

“I can hear the sound As angels gather ’round Saying this is where you belong Welcome Home! What a lovely sound Angels all around Saying this is where you belong Welcome Home! Welcome Home!”

What a beautiful sentiment. The notion that after death we return to our true Home is both heart-warming and anticipative. Imagine, after passing from this life, we enter into the Light and are greeted by a host of Angels who comfort and welcome us to our everlasting home! What could be more perfect.  I imagined my brother, who in spite of the desperate life he chose to lead, was always a man of faith, who prayed often and had a steadfast belief in God. I imagined him humbled and in tears, filled with awe and an overwhelming sense of wonder, surrounded by Angels!

I truly hope that this is what awaited my brother. After all those years of anger and mortification, all the trouble and pain,  he deserved to find comfort and be free of his demons. I hope this is what awaits all of us who have an undying faith in God.  We too can look forward to the loving arms of Angels and the sense of wonderment we all will experience when it is our turn to be Welcomed Home!

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