"What Happened to the Broncos?"

images“All you have to do is Believe.” After yesterday’s performance it’s pretty obvious that the Seattle Seahawks believed. All season long they’ve believed in themselves and their ability to win and took that belief with them into the Meadowlands yesterday and win they did, thoroughly dominating the number one offense team in the NFL and securing a Super Bowl title!  In phenomenal fashion the Seahawks, the number one defensive team in the NFL, stunned the Broncos! Their defense was awesome and easily proved why they are number one! They were all over Manning and crew forcing Manning to rush his throws, causing fumbles, interceptions and even a safety on the very first play of the game! It was incredible! It may have been a lopsided victory and boring to some viewers, but I tell you, they played a game for the ages!

Sadly the Broncos just didn’t have what it takes to win yesterday. With the kind of pressure the Seahawks were applying, Manning couldn’t get in the groove, and couldn’t get the magic going. The Seahawks defense seemed to be everywhere and caused Denver to make so many mistakes and miscues that they looked more like a poorly managed college team than a Super Bowl contender.  I jokingly told my nephew that the real Broncos stayed at home yesterday and sent a team of poorly cloned duplicates of themselves to the Meadowlands instead. Perhaps that’s a stretch but this was certainly not the Broncos we’ve become accustomed to seeing this season. What happened?

Yesterday the Broncos were simply outplayed, outmatched, outgunned and shit out of luck. Everything that could go wrong- did!  Absolutely nothing went their way. Certainly the Broncos didn’t stay at home but I tell you, they definitely left their hearts at home. They played like a team with no heart, no passion and therefore no chance of pulling off a win. They just didn’t have enough faith in themselves. They didn’t believe strongly enough. I’m sure they still can’t believe what just happened to them. They weren’t just beaten, they were trounced, overpowered and overwhelmed!  They might as well have been run over by a freakin’ steam roller! Sorta gives a whole new meaning to the term “orange crush” doesn’t it?

In the after game interview Peyton said it was not an embarrassing situation and embarrassed is not a word he would use. Come on Peyton, Denver’s performance was embarrassing! Denver looked like a bunch of slow, tired old guys playing a group of young kids who were running circles around them! As I watched I kept thinking “out downloadwith the old, in with the new” Pretty sad really. I really thought it would be a much closer game. I liked the Seahawks to win, but was still hoping that Peyton would have a good game. I thought he’d be able to slow down the Seattle defense with his quick play calling but that wasn’t to be. Denver just didn’t have what it takes to win. On second thought they had what it takes but just couldn’t execute. Perhaps Richard Sherman’s choke gesture would have been more appropriate in yesterdays game instead of two weeks ago.

When all is said and done about this game, all the speculation, what if’s and play by play analysis, one fact remain unchallenged The Seattle Seahawks are without a doubt the best team in the NFL!  “All you have to do is believe!”

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